Startup Interview: Medic Mind


Company Name: Medic Mind –
Founders: Kunal Dasani & Mohil Shah
Sum up the business: The Medic Mind offers online courses and mentoring to help students get into medical school.

The Founders

Kunal and Mohil are both medical students at University College London (UCL). At the age of 21, they set out on a mission to express their vision on teaching and education via their company, Medic Mind.
The company began with two eager students with passion. 12 months later, Medic Mind has been voted the best UK Medical Start Up 2017 and has thousands of students worldwide.
Having been through the difficult, enduring journey into UK Medical School, they became frustrated with the system. For medical school entry, two enduring exams (UKCAT and BMAT) pose problems. Many companies cash in on students’ desire to get into medical school, and in general courses can be over-priced and out-of-touch with the average 17 year old.

The Motivation

Their motivation was two fold:
To bring a student-friendly approach. Medic Mind has a strong focus on e-learning. Students who have used our resources have earmarked our online revision tools as ‘enriching’, invaluable and ‘easily accessible’. Students have a plethora of e-Books and video tutorials available to them at the click of a mouse.
To widen access to education. Medic Mind’s prices are roughly 30% of the market average. Their aim is to give students something cohesive and effective at an affordable price. Additionally, for every student taught, the founders insist on giving free education to someone who cannot afford it.

Current Progress

The two students have written 16 books in the space of 4 months, developed a user-friendly online course, formed a 1-to-1 tuition scheme involving 30 part-time staff, and ran courses across the UK and Singapore.

How Did The Idea Come About?

The two co-founders, Kunal and Mohil understand how demanding medical school admissions can be, and wanted to provide a tool for aspiring sixth-form students which is both affordable and personalised. Building on their own educational experience, they saw a gap in the market for e-learning.
They have also been private tutors themselves for several years and felt they had enough expertise on the application process to launch their own start-up.

Plans For The Next 6 Months

We look to expand on our current portfolio of online courses which focus solely on medicine applications so that it covers a wider range of disciplines. We look to launch this under the umbrella term Education Mind, and look to hone in on other specialties such as Maths Mind, Biology Mind and Law Mind.


When we receive a message from one of our students telling us how we have helped them in any form, it gives us enormous gratitude. We find it extremely rewarding as we know that we are making a difference to someone’s education and enabling the career pathway that they want to pursue.
We also know how difficult it is to apply to medical school and especially when students come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Medic Mind’s ethos is to never leave a student behind. For every student taught, we aim to give free education to someone who can’t afford it.

Anything Interesting You Have Learnt From Starting The Business?

We have found that running a business has given us a diverse set of skills that we never knew we had! From website design and product development to marketing and sales, we have picked up a great deal of knowledge in a very short space of time.
Kunal, who is one co-founder of Medic Mind manages a great deal of the infrastructure including website development and course content. He designed Medic Mind’s first online course for the UKCAT exam, for which he scored the highest score in the country, 900. An interesting fact is that at age 16, he raised £35,000 for the Wings of Hope Charity!
Mohil is the other co-founder of Medic Mind and is in charge of speaking to clients ensuring they are satisfied and managing the legalities as financial officer. He was greatly involved in the development of Medic Mind’s second online course for the BMAT exam. He is also currently studying at UCL, and was previously a lead actor in a West-End play!
For further information, contact [email protected]