Startup Profile: Wow How

TechRound recently sat down with Gaynor Matthews of Wow How (, an innovative and creative mobile app startup that both guides and empowers beauty enthusiasts across the world by helping create new looks. Allowing users to try out new looks and styles depending on their preferences, Wow How is making a great deal of headway in changing the way we explore fresh, new looks and make up styles. For people with an interest in fashion and beauty and anyone looking to venture into changing their look, Wow How is a great tool to have.


Gaynor Matthews, of Wow How


What is Wow How?

Gaynor: Created by makeup experts, this must have on-the-go and home essential is a new and innovative way to learn makeup application. Empowering beauty enthusiasts (whether novice or expert) to move away from tried and tested looks, the app allows you to try new colours and techniques in the comfort of your own home, 24/7.
The Wow How app offers “Try On” and “Teach Me How”.

Try On allows users to see what colour combinations i.e. eyeshadow, blusher and lipstick is most suited to their skin tone in real time and on their own face. This feature allows the user to experiment with new colours without spending any money on product, a true try before you buy experience! Teach Me How, once the user selects the desired look this could be Day, Evening, Special Occasion or Contouring the app then creates a personalised tutorial from the users facial features i.e. face, eye, brow, nose, lip shapes as well hair and eye colour to give them a easy to follow, step by step guide to applying makeup correctly and to make the most of their features!




Why did you start Wow How and what inspired you?

Gaynor: I’d reached a milestone age (50) and realised I’d not changed my makeup style in over 30 years. I’d been doing the same makeup style in the day and the same for the evening, my skin and features were also different and yet I was doing the same technique day in day out which I’d learnt from magazines in my teens.

I wanted to understand what colours were best for my skin tone and then how to apply makeup correctly for my features, rather than generic picture or video. I did some research and saw a gap in the market for a teaching tool that was personal to the user.


What problems does Wow How solve and how can it help?

Gaynor: Talking to women of various ages we found that the world of makeup is sometimes perplexing and daunting.  When women learn about makeup it generally sets the path for the rest of their lives; it can be hard to learn something new, refine their skills or experiment. The desire is often there, but the confidence to support it may not.
Unlike other beauty apps such as L’Oréal’s Makeup Genius or retail counter consultations WOW HOW has no product bias. I’m sure we’ve all experienced the pressure to purchase product because you’ve received a makeover for free, well WOW HOW removes this costly problem.




Where do you see the Wow How app in the next year and what are your plans for the future?

Gaynor: We want to take the app global, we have no barriers to age, location or gender so we are really excited in promoting the app in the US and China.  We are also working on more features, enhancements and building our “Beauty Inspiration” feature.


How can people find you?

Gaynor: We are on the App Store and Google Playstore, search “WOW HOW makeup tutorials” or use these links