Sweatcoin: Getting Paid To Stay Fit

If you thought that we had reached the peak of people coming up with new and innovative money-making ventures, you could well be mistaken. Incredibly, in 2020, people can even make money through doing actions as simple as walking around. Moving from point A to point B is now a possibility to earn some cash (find out more).

What is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin is a new cryptocurrency starting to tickle people’s interest. Sweatcoin is a digital currency that one can gradually earn by being active. For fitness junkies, this is a reward for their hard work, so much so, to get this currency, you will need to have an active account on a downloadable app on any mobile device. Every time you are on the move, either walking or running, you can accumulate new SWC (sweatcoins).

How Do You Earn Sweatcoins?


Every step you take is another Sweatcoin point accumulated and when your steps get to 1000, it is close to equalling 1 SWC. If you analyse the equivalent of 1000 steps, this is just a fraction of what most people walk in a single day. When you take a stroll outside to get to a post box or to take out the bins, such trips may be an easy 300 steps or so.

When walking to the shop, school or even the gym, there are many different ways in which you can accrue Sweatcoins. Then, once you get to the gym, you can even seek to multiply your steps tenfold by a five minutes run on the treadmill.

The first thing you need to have is an internet-connected mobile device that you take with you wherever you go. It could be a tablet, a mobile phone, or an iPod. Importantly, you will also need to have the device’s location/ GPS activated so that the app can track your route and count your steps. If you disable the location settings, no steps can be counted and you could lose out on some Sweatcoins.

What Can You Use Sweatcoins to Buy?

After you have accumulated enough SWCs, you will be able to redeem the coins to buy an array of items. You could use the coins to purchase sports gear. Other things you can look to purchase with the coins are Amazon vouchers, e-books, airmiles and music downloads. As you get active, you can check your account to check just how many coins you have accumulated at any given time. Sweatcoins can also be used to upgrade your experience on the app.

Where You Can Find The Sweatcoin App

The place to go to find the new Sweatcoin app is the Apple and Android App and Play Stores.

Advantages of Using Sweatcoins

Working out is still a fast-growing trend that more and more people than ever are taking up day in day out. Now, with the opportunity to get rewarded with cryptocoins while you work up a sweat and improve your health, there is added degree of motivation for many people. If for example, people today take 1000 steps, earning Sweatcoins and rewards, tomorrow it may well be their intention get that figure up to 2000, and the drive will keep growing after that.