10 Cambodian Startups To Keep An Eye On

The Cambodian startup scene is buzzing with innovative ventures popping up across the nation.

From tech-driven solutions in finance and education to unique takes on traditional services, these startups are the pinnacle of entrepreneurship in the heart of Southeast Asia.

Here’s a look at ten Cambodian startups making waves and why they’re worth watching.

1. Qoosi – Digital Job Recruitment


Qoosi Cambodia Co., Ltd


Qoosi is helping job seekers and employers connect in Cambodia through their innovative platform.

This digital platform aims streamline the recruitment process by giving workers an easy way to find new employers and vice versa. W

ith its user-friendly interface and extensive database, Qoosi is becoming an important resource in Cambodia for both job hunters and companies looking for new talent.


2. Nham24 – Making Life Easier




Nham24 is a ‘super app’ designed to make life easier for Cambodians in a variety of ways. Through the app they can access discounts, order food, get groceries delivered, buy and sell and more.

By providing everything in one place, Nham24 is on a mission to help Cambodians access a variety of services at their fingertips.


3. Spean Luy – Personal Finance


Icon image


Spean Luy is a personal finance platform, designed to help Cambodians access money when they need it most.

The platform allows users to apply for loans up to $1000 and then repay them within the year. Through a transparent and secure platform, Spean Luy is making quick loans more accessible to Cambodians nationwide.


4. Sunpay – Payment Service Provider




Sunpay is a payment service provider for Cambodians, that allows them to manage all their payments in one central app.

The platform allows for smart top ups and payments and even has the option of a digital debit card for online transactions.


5. Kamworks – Solar Power Innovator




A pioneer in Cambodia’s renewable energy sector, Kamworks delivers  solar power technology on a large scale.

Their innovative products and services aim to provide reliable, clean energy to people all over the country, reducing reliance on traditional power sources and helping to combat climate change.



6. Tesdopi – Educational Platform


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Tesdopi is a mobile app on a mission to transform the educational landscape in Cambodia.

The app has a community of 250,000 learners, all tapping into its bespoke  learning resources. By focusing on STEM subjects, Tesdopi is striving to improve educational understanding and empower the next generation of Cambodian students.


7. TheBoxes – Packaging Made Easy


TheBoxes | Custom Packaging Solution Cambodia


TheBoxes is helping Cambodians access high-quality affordable packaging.

Through their product range of packaging options, they handle everything from sourcing, to design and delivery, so more people can focus on their businesses.


8. Fly Beautiful – Online Book Marketplace


Fly Beautiful Text


Fly Beautiful is an online book marketplace, allowing Cambodians to access new, used and international books, all in one place.

Through their easy to use platform, Fly Beautiful is making it easier for Cambodians to access literature in key areas such as business, self development, fiction and children’s stories.


9. Sala – University Selection Made Easy



Sala is simplifying University applications, by helping students access all the relevant information in one place.

The platform aims to empower students to make better college choices through educational opportunities. It offers a range of features to help students seek advice and help them find the best university fit for them.


10. Reanaan – Smart Library


អំពីរៀនអាន | REAN AAN


Reanaan is a video library, made up of Khmer fairy tales for children.

The aim of the company is to help children enhance their reading skills, through engaging content online, with new stories being added to the platform every week.


The Cambodian startup ecosystem is rich with innovation. From enhancing access to education and financial services to pioneering in renewable energy, these ten startups are ones to watch in 2024 and beyond.