10 Startups In Thailand To Watch in 2024

The startup ecosystem in Thailand is continuing to thrive, with innovative companies disrupting sectors like technology, finance, agriculture and art.

As we continue to explore global startup hubs, here are ten startups  in Thailand that we think are worth keeping an eye on:


1. DataScale: Big Data Analytics


Datascale - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


DataScale offers a data analytics tool designed to help businesses use their data more effectively.

The tool is described as an SQL (Structured query language) note-taking app that helps organise, document and track SQL patterns.

DataScale helps companies more clearly share insights. And with the basic fare being free, it’s a great tool for small businesses.


2. Farmbook: Agricultural Product Platform



Farmbook is helping farmers generate new revenue streams with its agricultural product platform. Through its easy to use platform, Farmbook allows users to purchase and order products from all over the country.

Not only does this help Thai farmers expand their customer base, its user-friendly platform makes purchasing locally grown goods more accessible.


3. Bugsolutely: Cricket Pasta Innovator




Bugsolutely is at the centre of sustainable food solutions, introducing cricket pasta as a nutritious, eco-friendly alternative protein source.

Yes you heard that right, pasta…made from crickets. Their approach to using crickets not only helps combat global food challenges but also offers a delicious and nutrient dense option for the more adventurous eaters among us.


4. SunSawang: Making Solar Power Accessible




SunSawang allows remote communities in Thailand to access solar power, bringing sustainable electricity to areas without access to the national grid.

Their work not only improves the quality of life for many people, but also promotes renewable energy use. Through a network of investors and volunteers, SunSawang is changing lives for remote communities in Thailand.


5. Fastwork: Freelance Services Marketplace


Fastwork.co Logo Vector Download - (.SVG + .PNG) - Logovectordl.Com


Fastwork is a freelance marketplace connecting workers with businesses in need of digital services.

From graphic design to software development, Fastwork helps people all over Thailand find work, fostering a vibrant gig economy in Southeast Asia.



6. LMWN: eCommerce Platform


Thai food delivery startup Line Man Wongnai seeks new investment, eyes IPO  | The Star


LMWN is an eCommerce platform that connects consumers, businesses and riders. The company offers a range of services, including food and grocery deliveries, POS systems and more.

Through their innovative platform, the company offers a range of options to help small businesses, restaurants and cafes boost their sales and streamline their operations.


7. Eatigo: Dining Deals App


eatigo - IP Nexus


Eatigo is changing the dining experience in South East Asia by offering time-based discounts at restaurants .

The reservation platform allows users to enjoy their favourite meals at reduced prices, charging them only for the amount of customers they bring in.

By helping restaurants increase footfall, Eatigo is ensuring businesses make the most of their off-peak hours.


8. FindArts: Art Marketplace



FindArts is a digital marketplace for art lovers, connecting buyers with artists and galleries.

This platform makes art buying easier for anyone to own original art. Not only that, but by support local artists, buyers not only get bespoke pieces, but also access to art that is original.


9. Nornnorn: Mattress Leasing


nornnorn - home


Nornnorn is redefining how people buy mattresses with their mattress leasing platform.

Buyers can buy brand new, high quality mattresses, without the need for a lump sum. Once the buyers have finished with the mattress, Nornnorn helps remove and recycle it, contributing to a circular mattress economy.


10. Opn: Payment Gateway


OPN Logo


Opn is a Fintech startup that provides a payment gateway for online shops.

With a focus on ease of use, security, and integration capabilities, Opn helps businesses streamline their payment processes. Already used by over 22,000 brands, Opn is built to help both businesses and customers with their purchases.


These startups highlight the diversity of Thailand’s entrepreneurial landscape.

From sustainable food and renewable energy to tech-driven legal and financial services, these companies are ones to watch as they continue to solidify Thailand as a global startup hub.