10 Israeli Startups To Watch In 2024

Israel, often referred to as the “Startup Nation,” is full of innovative companies transforming industries globally.

As 2024 unfolds, here are ten Israeli startups you should definitely keep an eye on.


1. Lumen: Personal Metabolic Health Tracker


Lumen Releases First-Of-Its-Kind At Home Metabolism Tracking Device, now available in the UK | Business Wire


Lumen is a startup that uses a unique device to track and optimises metabolic health. This gadget analyses a user’s breath to provide real-time feedback on their metabolism, aiding in effective weight loss and energy management.

With Lumen, users can understand how their body uses fats or carbohydrates, allowing them to tailor their diet and exercise routines for optimal results. The device, paired with an app, helps in monitoring progress and managing health goals. Lumen stands out in the health tech landscape for its user-friendly approach to personalised wellness and metabolic insight.


2. Hibob: Streamlined HR SaaS Platform


HiBob: Award-winning HR system for all of your HRIS needs


Hibob is becoming a big name the human resources sector with its sophisticated yet user-friendly HR software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. Known for its sleek design, Hibob simplifies complex HR processes, enabling organisations to manage employee data, recruitment, onboarding, and benefits efficiently.

Its platform improves communication and collaboration within teams, making it easier for businesses to develop a positive workplace culture. The versatility of Hibob’s platform is perfect for the dynamic needs of modern businesses, making it a go-to solution for companies looking to streamline their HR operations.

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3. nanobebe: Nutrient-Preserving Baby Bottles


Nanobébé Baby Products - Nanobébé UK – Nanobebe UK


nanobebe is at the forefront of infant nutrition with its innovative baby bottles designed to preserve the essential nutrients in breastmilk.

Understanding the importance of breastmilk for a baby’s development, nanobebe has developed a bottle that prevents nutrient degradation, a common issue with traditional baby bottles. The design also ensures easy and convenient use, catering to the busy lives of new parents. These bottles maintain the optimal temperature for breastmilk, ensuring that infants receive the highest quality nutrition. nanobebe’s commitment to combining health, convenience, and style sets it apart in the market for baby care products.


4. AIVF: AI-Driven IVF Support


AIVF - Revolutionizing IVF with AI Technology | AIVF


AIVF is making big strides in the field of reproductive health with its AI-driven platform designed to enhance the effectiveness of IVF.

This technology uses advanced algorithms to analyse and predict the success of IVF procedures, offering crucial support to fertility specialists and patients. By optimising the IVF process, AIVF aims to increase success rates, reduce costs, and minimise the emotional and physical strain associated with fertility treatments. Their approach represents a fusion of technology and healthcare, paving the way for more efficient fertility solutions.


5. Jolt: Edtech Pathway to Tech Careers


Jolt - Business School for Self-made Professionals | Start-Up Nation Finder


Jolt is an edtech startup empowering individuals to launch their careers in the tech sector. Through their online learning platform, Jolt offers comprehensive educational programmes in various tech areas, taught by industry experts. The startup focuses on practical, real-world skills, ensuring that graduates are job-ready for positions at top tech companies.

Beyond just technical skills, Jolt’s curriculum also looks to develop professional development and networking. This approach makes Jolt an attractive option for aspiring tech professionals seeking to navigate the competitive tech landscape.



6. Beewise: Automated Beehive Management


Beewise - Robotic Beehives | Start-Up Nation Finder


Beewise is changing beekeeping with its automated beehive management system. Addressing the global decline in bee populations, Beewise’s technology provides an innovative solution for bee conservation and honey production.

Their robotic beehive, Beehome, allows beekeepers to remotely monitor and care for their bees. The system automatically adjusts conditions within the hive to optimise bee health and honey yield. It’s solar-powered, eco-friendly, and capable of housing multiple bee colonies. Beewise’s integration of robotics and environmental elements offers a sustainable and efficient approach to beekeeping.


7. Monday.com: Project Management Tool


Press Kit - monday.com


Monday.com is changing the way teams work with its project management platform.

Designed to streamline workflow, this tool centralises all aspects of project management – from planning and tracking to reporting. Its user-friendly design allows teams to collaborate effectively, integrating multiple functions like task assignments, deadlines, and progress tracking into a single dashboard.

Customisable to suit various business needs, Monday.com excels in enhancing productivity and communication within teams, making it a popular choice for organisations of all sizes.

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8. JoyTunes: Redefining Music Learning


File:JoyTunes Logo.png - Wikimedia Commons


JoyTunes is making music education more enjoyable with its approach to learning and playing musical instruments. Their apps use advanced tech to make music education fun, interactive, and accessible for people of all ages.

By combining music with game-like learning, JoyTunes engages users in a way traditional methods may not. This approach not only simplifies the learning process but also encourages consistent practice. Whether for beginners or those looking to enhance their skills, JoyTunes is making music attainable and enjoyable.


9. Flytrex Aviation: Drone Delivery Solutions


Invest in Flytrex private stocks | OurCrowd.com


Flytrex Aviation is at the forefront of drone delivery. They specialise in providing customised, end-to-end drone delivery services, using their unique cloud technology.

Flytrex’s solutions cater to various sectors, including e-commerce and logistics, offering faster, more efficient delivery. Their system is designed to handle the complexities of urban and suburban environments, ensuring safe and reliable deliveries. As drone technology continues to evolve, Flytrex Aviation stands out for its innovative approach to overcoming logistical challenges.


10. DayTwo: Personalised Nutrition


DayTwo Inc. | Sponsors 2021 - HLTH


DayTwo is changing personalised nutrition by helping people maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Their approach involves analysing an individual’s microbiome to provide tailored dietary recommendations.

This method recognises the uniqueness of each person’s gut and its impact on metabolism and overall health. By translating complex microbiome data into actionable nutrition advice, DayTwo helps people optimise their diet for better health outcomes.

These ten startups are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Israel’s tech scene. From health and nutrition to project management and music education, these companies are not just shaping their industries; they are making a name for themselves on the global stage.