10 Startups In Arizona, USA To Keep An Eye On

Arizona is home to a diverse network of startups, from sustainable energy solutions to new FinTech platforms.

As we explore the startups making waves in the USA, here are ten Arizona-based startups set to make a significant impact in 2024 and beyond…


1. Dealty – Real Estate Investment Simplified


Dealty - Buy, Sell & Rent Homes


Dealty is a platform that simplifies the real estate investment process.

Through it’s user friendly platform, Dealty allows investors, buyers agents and sellers to interact in a more open and transparent way.

With a focus on market data and a network of listings,  Dealty is making real estate investment opportunities more accessible to everyone.


2. Earthen Energy – Renewable Energy Innovations


White on Transparent.png


Earthen Energy is at the forefront of the renewable energy sector, specialising in harnessing sustainable power sources.

Their tech used carbon dioxide based technology to provide energy storage for power, increasing grid resiliency & enabling a fully-renewable grid.

Their technology allows solar and wind energy to be stored and delivered anywhere, helping more people access renewable energy.

Their commitment to innovation in the green energy space is contributing to a more sustainable future, with projects focusing on solar and wind energy efficiency. Earthen Energy’s dedication to environmental sustainability and technological advancement places it as a leader in the renewable energy movement.


3. Hire Hardhats – Construction Industry Recruitment




Hire Hardhats helps the construction industry with recruitment by connecting employers with qualified labour workers.

Their platform streamlines the hiring process, completely, matching companies to talent within 24 hours and helping them find the talent they need.


4. Inara World – Content Payment Platform


Inara World is changing the content creation landscape by allowing authors to get paid directly for every page of their eBook that gets viewed.

By the same admission, readers are able to pay per page, meaning they only pay in full for content they enjoy. Inara World is on a mission to shake up the publishing industry, allowing both creators and audiences to streamline cost.


5. Ravel Trips – Personalised Travel Experiences



Ravel Trips is transforming the travel industry by offering personalised travel experiences crafted by  experts.

Their platform connects travellers with unique, off-the-beaten-path adventures after asking them to complete a form to hear more about the trip that they want.

Through giving people access to more authentic and immersive experiences, Ravel Trips’ approach is gaining them widespread popularity amongst travel lovers.



6. Paradox.ai – AI-Powered Recruitment



Paradox.ai is helping shake up the recruitment process with its AI-powered assistant.

By using artificial intelligence to handle routine recruitment activities, like interview reminders, background check nudges and drafting offer letters, Paradox.ai allows HR teams to focus on the people part of the role, and leave the admin to the AI.


7. Valon – Mortgage Servicing


Valon Mortgage expanding to Tempe to scale tech mortgage solution


Valon is a mortgage servicer, lender and insurance provider, setting out to empower homeowners through their financial journeys.

Their platform offers transparent, user-friendly solutions for mortgage management, helping mortgage owners see everything related to their loan in one place.


8. Grow Sciences – Cannabis Cultivation



Grow Sciences is making waves in the cannabis industry with its focus on premium, artisanal products in the form of flowers, edibles and other extractions.

As the legal cannabis market continues to expand across the USA, Grow Sciences’ dedication to quality positions them as a leading brand.


9. Eat Unbound – Transparency In Food




Eat Unbound is helping restaurant goers with dietary restrictions find more transparency around menu items.

Whether they’re vegan, gluten free, nut free or egg free, the app allows users to find local, tasty food that they can eat – without any surprises or hidden ingredients.


10. My First Nest Egg – Financial Literacy for Youth


My First Nest Egg


My First Nest Egg is tackling financial literacy for the younger generation by gamifying educational tools and resources to teach kids about money.

Their platform makes learning about finances engaging, giving children with the knowledge and skills they need for financial success.


These ten startups from Arizona are all great examples of the innovative spirit within the state’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As 2024 unfolds, these startups are not only ones to watch locally, but are also set to make an impact globally.


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