10 Startups In Australia To Keep an Eye On

Australia’s startup ecosystem is growing and thriving, becoming home to an impressive array of companies set to make significant impacts across various industries.

From innovative tech to sustainable food, these ten startups are making waves locally and globally. Here’s a closer look at each.


1. Osara Health – Cancer Care Support


Improved Cancer Care and Support | Osara Health


Osara Health is a company providing support for cancer patients and their caregivers.

By offering a set of digital resources that provide coaching, support, mindfulness and community, Osara Health empowers users to take control of their care.

Its focus on personalised assistance and accessibility makes it a leading company in cancer care innovation.


2. Honey Insurance – Smarter Home Insurance


Honey Insurance


Revolutionising the home insurance sector, Honey Insurance merges smart technology with comprehensive insurance to offer peace of mind to homeowners.

By using smart home devices to gather data about their property, Honey Insurance takes the guess work out of insurance.

Their smart home sensors alert homeowners to fire, water, damage and theft, proactively protecting homes against potential risks.


3. Fable Food Co – Plant-Based Meat Alternatives


Fable Food Co | LinkedIn


Fable Food Co is at the front of the plant-based revolution, offering delicious and sustainable meat alternatives made from mushrooms.

Using natural ingredients to mimic the taste and texture of meat, Fable aims to reduce environmental impact while providing nutritious and tasty options for consumers and restaurants.


4. Carma – Buying Used Cars Online


Our Quality Standards


Carma introduces a new way to purchase high-quality, affordable cars through its used car platform.

With a focus on providing flexible payment options and convenient delivery, Carma is dominating the second hand car market.


5. iVvy – Event Management Software




iVvy is innovating in the event planning industry with its comprehensive platform, allowing organisers to have everything they need in one place.

Allowing them to do everything from venue booking to event execution and reporting, iVvy is helping simplify the organisation process.



6. Go1 – Corporate Learning Platform


Go1 - Partners | Janison


Go1 is helping businesses with corporate training through its online learning platform.

Offering a vast library of courses from bite sized modules to hands-on practice, Go1 is helping learners engage with the topics and formats that work best for them.


7. Athena – Power Your Property Portfolio


Athena Power Up Variable Rate Home Loans | Finder


Athena is reimagining the home loan process for buyers, refinancers and investors, offering a straightforward approach to financing.

By using tech to simplify applications, provide competitive rates and offer a fast service, Athena is helping Australians achieve their homeownership dreams faster and more efficiently.


8. me&u – Smart Menu


me&u | LinkedIn


me&u is enhancing the dining experience for restaurants all over Australia with its contactless ordering and payment system.

Designed for the hospitality industry, the POS platform allows restaurants to upload their menus seamlessly and gives diners the tools order and pay with ease.


9. Amber Electric – Renewable Energy Retailer


Wholesale Electricity Provider | Amber


Amber Electric is making renewable energy more affordable to Australians by allowing them to buy their own energy.

By connecting customers directly to the electricity market, Amber encourages the use of renewable energy. Their model allows buyers to track and buy energy when it’s at its cheapest, making it more sustainable and affordable.


10. Brighte – Sustainable Home Improvement


Brighte - Smart Energy Council


Brighte is pioneering the way towards a sustainable future by making clean energy more accessible to Australian households.

Offering a platform that provides a network of sustainable home improvement professionals, Brighte empowers homeowners to invest in renewable energy solutions within their homes.



These ten startups are not only pushing the boundaries in their fields but also solidifying Australia as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Keeping an eye on these companies as they continue to make waves globally.