10 Startups In New Zealand To Keep an Eye On

New Zealand, known for its picturesque landscapes is also a breeding ground for innovative startups.

From sustainable technologies to industry-disrupting apps, these ten startups are making waves both locally and globally.

Here’s a look at these ten companies and what makes them stand out.


1. Mushroom Material: Pioneering Bio-Based Materials


Mushroom Material | LinkedIn


Mushroom Material is shaking up the materials industry with its eco-friendly alternatives to traditional polystyrene.

Using mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, they create compostable packaging and products. The material can be used for a number of packaging solutions, helping businesses reduce their reliance on single use plastics.


2. Soul Machines: Digital People


Digital People - The Future of CX - Soul Machines


Soul Machines is innovating the digital influencer space with their astonishingly lifelike avatars powered by artificial intelligence.

These digital humans can be used for a variety of purposes, including digital influencers, customer service agents and onboarding help, alongside others.

The company aims to help companies offer a more personalised and engaging user experiences through these digital avatars.


3. MarketRacoon: Investment Portfolio Management


MarketRacoon | Streamline Your Investment Tracking


MarketRacoon is making portfolio management easier than ever with its all in one platform.

As investors branch out to multiple financial platforms to diversify their assets, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. MarketRacoon allows investors to consolidate all of their data into one site, so they can see everything in one place and track their progress.


4. Carbon Click: Simplifying Carbon Offsetting


Carbon Offsetting Provider Company | Gold Standard | Carbon Credits


Carbon Click addresses climate change with a simple yet effective solution.

Their platform allows businesses and individuals to offset carbon emissions through a range of global projects, making it easier for anyone to contribute to a greener planet.


5. Big Mouth Voices: Voiceover Agency


Voiceover Agency | BigMouth Voices


Big Mouth Voices connects talent and businesses in need of professional voiceovers. As the industry in the US continues to grow, Big Mouth Voices is pioneering the space in New Zealand.

With a diverse range of voices from around the globe, the company caters to various industries, including advertising, gaming, and film, ensuring the right tone and delivery for every project.



6. Tres Cool: Sustainability Software


Tres Cool - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Tres Cool is a climate action company that builds micro actions for people to better the planet.

Through their Web3 integration, the company allows digital goods to be ‘made cool’ through removing more carbon than they admit.


7. EyeSea: Navigating Ocean Conservation




EyeSea is a technology company on a mission to combat ocean pollution.

Their platform gathers data on marine debris, allowing cleanup efforts to be more targeted and effective.

By working with global volunteers and identifying the areas that need it most, Eyesea is protecting marine life and ecosystems.


8. Halter: Leading Livestock with Technology


Halter® | Virtual Fencing for High Performance Grazing


Halter is transforming livestock management with their smart cow collar systems, which allow farmers to virtually fence their livestock.

Using GPS and AI, farmers can monitor and guide their herds remotely from their smartphones, improving animal welfare and farm efficiency through tech.


9. Vital.io: Enhancing Healthcare With Data


Vital Trust Center | SafeBase


Vital.io is a digital health startup that aims to improve patient experiences in A&E.

The platform’s AI explains waiting times, helps analyse test results and reminds patients about medication, allowing them to be more informed throughout the process.


10. Melodics: Music Education


Melodics Company Profile: Valuation, Funding & Investors | PitchBook


Melodics offers a new way to learn music, making practice fun and effective with their app-based lessons.

Allowing users to learn the MIDI keyboard, finger drums and regular drums, Melodics uses gamification to teach music, helping to make it more accessible.


These ten startups from New Zealand are not only innovating within their sectors but also positively impacting the global community.

Keep an eye on these companies as they continue to innovate in the worlds of technology, sustainability and digital interaction.