10 Startups In Dublin, Ireland To Watch

Ireland is known for being an emerging global tech hub – home to multiple accelerators, incubators and investors. Dublin especially has established itself as a hub of startup activity at the cutting edge of technology.

Whether it’s helping sports professionals reach their potential, curing cancer, or delivering hot coffee within minutes, here, we look at 10 of the most exciting startups coming out of Dublin.


1. UrbanVolt – Solar Power


Introducing Our New Logo - Urbanvolt


Helping corporate energy users change the way they consume energy, UrbanVolt offers solar-as-a-service and gives companies access to cleaner energy options.

UrbanVolt handles everything – from the design and installation to the maintenance of solar panels – helping companies in their journey to become more sustainable.


2. Manna – Drone Delivery


Revolutionizing Drone Delivery: Manna's B2B Platform


This drone delivery service allows instant delivery for groceries, hot coffee, medical supplies and more. Goods are delivered by drone from local providers and lowered down by rope.

Thanks to this new technology, users can receive what they want in a fast, affordable and greener way while supporting local businesses and reducing the number of cars on the road.


3. Kitman Labs – Sports Intelligence


The Dublin-based Kitman Labs Raises $52M to shape how sports industry uses data for performance drive


Hailing from Dublin, Kitman Labs is a world leading company, putting sports science and performance intelligence at the forefront of their business model.

With a client list boasting internationally acclaimed sports leagues and teams, top athletes and governing bodies, Kitman Labs helps them make accurate decisions for sports talent recruitment, development and management.


4. Carrick Therapeutics – BioPharma


Carrick Therapeutics | LinkedIn


Oncology-focused biopharma startup Carrick Therapeutics, is helping to discover and develop new therapies for cancer treatment. By understanding the elements that cause cancer, they aim to use technology to build a portfolio of cancer treatments.

They are adopting an approach which targets multiple mechanisms underlying the most aggressive forms of cancer to change the way cancer is treated.


5. Aylien – News Insights


Aylien - Products, Competitors, Financials, Employees, Headquarters Locations


Aylien is changing the way we consume news. Monitoring thousands of global news outlets in 14 languages from over 160 countries in real time, including historical news content.

Thanks to its Natural Language Processing and Machine Translation technologies, it can search, analyse and show multiple news sources to bring you the news you need, translated into your own language.



6. TechMet – Clean Energy


Home - TechMet Ltd


On a quest to speed up the clean energy space, TechMet looks to re-evaluate the entire metal value chain.

Taking control, TechMet acquires other companies that are producing or extracting the key metals for clean energy – such as lithium, nickel and cobalt – as well as technology companies supporting clean energy.


7. Nuritas – Peptide Product Development


Nuritas Raises US$20 Million in Series A Funding Using Artificial Intelligence To Unlock Bioactive Peptides To Address Societal Issues


Combining AI and genomics, Nuritas works to identify, unlock, clinically test and patent natural Bioactive Peptides. Peptides are part of messenger cells used in the human body during healing processes and many other crucial biological processes.

From supplements to medical products, their range of peptide products has great potential for what it can achieve.


8. FIRE1 – HeartCare Treatment




Made up of a team of 50 dedicated engineers, scientists and clinical trial specialists, FIRE1 FIRE1 is offering a new approach to heart failure treatment.

Their mission is to improve patient outcomes as well as quality of life on a day-to-day basis, while lowering overall healthcare costs.


9. Deciphex – Pathology Reporting


Deciphex Ltd | Scientist.com


Tracking the pathology of diseases is important for health services. That’s why Deciphex are committed to helping create more accurate and efficient pathology reporting.

Using AI, Deciphex offers expert pathology on demand by creating a digital network of the world’s pathologists.


10. GH Research – Mental Health Treatment


GH Research - Products, Competitors, Financials, Employees, Headquarters Locations


A clinical-stage pharmaceutical company, GH Research is one of the most private companies on our list.

Dedicated to transforming the treatment of psychiatric and neurological disorders, the company is undergoing various drug trials to try and improve how mental illnesses, such as depression, are treated.