10 Startups In Malaysia To Keep An Eye On

Malaysia’s startup scene is full of companies innovating in different spaces.

From tech platforms changing how we communicate to services designed to enhance our wellbeing, these ten startups are making waves.

Here’s a look at some of the most interesting startups in Malaysia that we think you should keep an eye on.


1. Respond.io – AI Messaging Platform


Respond.io attains Data Security Excellence with ISO 27001:2022  Certification - CIO News


Respond.io allows businesses to capture leads and send messages across a variety of platforms  through their AI-conversation tool. After messaging customers through a varity of channels, the platform then stores the responses in one place.

By collating all leads into one place, Respond.io makes communication easier and more streamlined, no matter how many channels a business uses.

With its user-friendly platform and integration capabilities, respond.io is a great tool to aid in customer service and engagement.


PetBacker – Pet Care Services




PetBacker connects pet owners with pet sitters, groomers and dog walkers near them.

It’s a platform designed to provide peace of mind to pet owners who need someone to take care of their furry friends.

With a community-based approach to pet care, PetBacker is helping pet owners find safe and loving care for their pets.


3. Ouch – Insurance Policy Management



Ouch is an insurance policy management app, on a mission to make life insurance more simple.

Through a series of simple steps, Ouch allows users to access quick, affordable and reliable life insurance. Not only that, users are then able to view their policies, add beneficiaries and make claims – all from their smart phones.


4. Pop Meals – Food Delivery


Pop Meals Vector Logo | Free Download - (.SVG + .PNG) format - VTLogo.com


Pop Meals is a food delivery app, driven by data.

Through AI and data, Pop Meals is offering more convenient and affordable food for their customers. The company operates through ‘cloud’ kitchens, which are located across cities, keeping delivery costs low.

Alongside this, the company also uses data to drive recipe development, ensuring they are appealing to the needs and wants of consumers.


5. Pandai – Educational Platform


Pandai - This is how you get better grades


Pandai is changing education in Malaysia with its learning app.

It provides quizzes, lessons, and exercises aligned with the national curriculum, supporting students in getting better grades. Pandai is on a mission to make learning more engaging and accessible, helping students thrive academically.



6. LifeOrigin – Sustainable Protein For Animal Feed


Life Origin


LifeOrigin’s mission is to create sustainable protein for food consumption by using insects instead of land.

Through feeding black soldier fly larvae with food waste, the company is able to produce nutritious animal feed and organic fertiliser.

This animal feed supports the growing demand for animal protein, reducing reliance on land and oceans for growing animal food.


7. Naluri – Employee Wellness


Naluri Logo


Naluri is a digital health and wellness programme designed to provide support with physical and mental health for employees and individuals.

Through 24/7 access to specialists, the platform offers a varity of care methods, from preventative to holistic and medical help.

The company is on a mission to enhance quality of life for everyone, making it a valuable resource for companies and individuals.


8. Paywatch – Financial Wellbeing Platform


About Paywatch Hong Kong Limited - WHub


Paywatch is a fintech startup that allows employees to access earned wages before payday.

The company aims to help alleviate financial stress and give employees more flexible payroll options.


9. iProperty – Real Estate Platform


iProperty.com.my Reveals 10 Most Searched Areas in Malaysia by Homebuyers  in 2021 | Newsroom


iProperty is Malaysia’s leading online real estate platform, helping buyers and renters find their dream homes.

With a huge list of properties and insightful market data around area prices and recent sales, iProperty is the go-to destination for real estate buyers and sellers in Malaysia.


10. MYMY – E-Wallets For Malaysians


MyMy | My Money, My Way


MYMY is an e-wallet, designed to help Malaysians take back control of their finances.

Not yet launched, MYMY is an online app and digital card, allowing Malaysians to spend anywhere with their multi-currency offering.

By providing users with access to global currencies, MyMy is helping Malaysians spend their money, their way.


Malaysia’s startup ecosystem is thriving, with innovative companies all over the country making a global impact.

These ten startups are one to watch as they continue to drive forwards their respective sectors in 2024 and beyond…