10 Startups In Seoul, South Korea To Watch

South Korea is home to more than 15,000 startups, making it one of the most exciting startup economies in the world.

Seoul in particular is an incredible talent hub, with startups in the city driving forward innovation across a number of sectors.

Here, we look at 10 Seoul startups that we are most excited about…

1. Moreh – AI Models


Moreh (@moreh_inc) / X


Moreh makes building AI models easier and more cost-effective, allowing companies to scale in a much greater way.

With features that let users build, operate and maintain their custom AI, Moreh makes AI development more easy and accessible.


2. BOS Semiconductors – Autonomous Vehicle Chips


보스반도체 - 홈페이지


This startup creates and develops System-on-Chips which are used for autonomous vehicles.

The automotive industry is already benefiting from their technology, with leading automotive brands Hynadia and Kia partnering with them on research.


3. ABLY – Shopping App



ABLY Corporation - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding



ABLY is just one of many fashion tech companies from South Korea’s startup scene.

Using big data, it offers personalised recommendations for fashion items and other e-commerce goods. The business model relies on recurring fees from partners meaning that sellers don’t pay any platform fees.


4. Panmesia – Memory Management


Main | Panmnesia


Panmesia is working to make systems more intelligent by removing memory limits.

With its unique chips, its on a mission to speed up devices without reducing data storage. For companies, these technologies could allow them to reduce capital and operating expenses whilst supercharging their technology.


5. Airs Medical – Medical Technology




This startup is helping make MR scans for accurate for a number of potential health tests – making it easier and faster for patients to get test results.

They want to offer a better healthcare experience for all, making healthcare more patient-friendly, accessible and efficient. Airs Medical is also improving the success of venipuncture – offering a 98% vein recognition rate for medical professionals.



6. Kurly – Grocery Delivery


Kurly cancels Korea listing due to difficult market conditions


Kurly has been a gamechanger in South Korea’s delivery service market, built around a USP of fresh grocery deliveries by dawn for orders placed before 11pm.

From hand-made bread, kimchi and tofu to even unique and imported products, Kurly offers clients a range of food products and promises next-morning delivery.


7. WRTN Technologies – Writing AI Technology


WRTN Technologies


To help anyone who has to write as part of their job, WRTN Technologies relies on Natural Language Processing and AI to help with professional writing.

With an AI-powered writing assistant, this startup brings humans and AI together to write, encouraging creativity and productivity.


8. Bemyfriends – SaaS For Relationship Building



bemyfriends - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


This software-as-a-service startup is looking to create connections, facilitating relationship-building with fans and customers.

Subscribers can create their own fan hubs where they can release content, sell event tickets and merchandise and communicate with fans. This platform allows more authentic communication for fans helping keep them engaged with their favourite creators.


9. Cloud Hospital – Healthcare Technology


CloudHospital Inc. | LinkedIn


This online platform takes a record of your specific medical needs to connect you with the right medical solutions wherever you are in the world.

Cloud Hospital’s technology seamlessly connects millions of global patients to the best medical and cosmetic professionals to get them what they need.


10. Tridge – Data Hub


Tridge | Seoul


Tridge connects buyers and suppliers through a digital platform.

The platform connects buyers and suppliers across the globe, facilitating trade through global food sourcing, market insights, food prices and import/export data.