10 Startups In Sri Lanka To Watch

Sri Lanka, known for its incredible culture, amazing nature and kind people is also home to hundreds of startups.

Here, we take a closer look at ten startups in Sri Lanka that are worth keeping an eye on.


1. Siplo: Online Tutoring Platform




Siplo is helping young people in Sri Lanka access one-on-one education by connecting students with tutors through an online platform.

This platform aims to provide accessible education across a number of subjects, allowing students at different levels to get the support they need. With an easy-to-use website and a huge database of tutors, Siplo is making learning more personalised for students all across Sri Lanka.


2. IgniterSpace: Creative Tech Education For Kids


IgniterSpace | Maharagama


IgniterSpace is helping foster the next generation of innovators in Sri Lanka through creative tech education.

By offering workshops and courses in areas like robotics, electronics, and coding, IgniterSpace is helping young minds explore their creativity. Through engaging hands-on experiences, the company is nurturing the next generation of tech leaders.


3. PickMe: Ride-Hailing Service


PickMe Business Model: Success story of a customer centric strategy -  Jugnoo.io


PickMe has transformed transportation in Sri Lanka by providing a reliable ride-hailing service that operates in the same way as Uber.

With features like tracking, courier services, online payments, and a range of vehicle options to choose from, PickMe allows Sri Lankans to travel more easily.


4. Women Empowered Global: Female Leadership Platform


Women Empowered Global


Women Empowered Global is on a mission to empower women around the world through career development.

Through mentoring, training programs, and a supportive community, the platform connects women and helps them achieve their full potential in the business world and beyond.


5. Welligama: Digital Wellness App




Welligama is a digital wellbeing app designed to help users improve their mind, body and soul.

Through a variety of methods including mindfulness practice, journaling, whole-food-based nutrition, AI recommendations and more, Welligama is making holistic healthcare more accessible for everyone.



6. PlanMash: Smart Wedding Planner


PlanMash | Colombo


PlanMash is an AI-led smart wedding planning app, helping couples leverage technology to plan their dream wedding.

After taking an initial test, the app suggests wedding vendors that align with preferences, making it easier for them to find the right people and plan their perfect day.


7. LayUp: Cloud Based Learning


layup logo


Layup is innovating in the corporate training sector through its engaging and interactive learning management system.

By combining gamification, social learning, and a wide range of content, LayUp makes learning enjoyable for employees, ensuring their professional development.


8. Senzagro: Smart Farming


Smart Farming | Precision Agriculture - SenzAgro


Senzagro is an agricultural intelligence platform in Sri Lanka designed to enhance crop productivity and lower costs.

Through precision farming tools, data analytics, and smart systems, Senzagro helps farmers increase crop yields, reduce waste, and support sustainable farming.


9. Elzian Agro: Automating Farming


ELZIAN AGRO | Council for Inclusive Capitalism


Elzian Agro is helping farmers in Sri Lanka work more efficiently through its smart agronomy solutions.

Through innovative tech like IoT-based monitoring systems and automated farming equipment, Elzian Agro is helping farmers enhance productivity and sustainability in the ways that they farm.


10. Payable: Streamlining Business Finances


Payable Sri Lanka, Never miss a sale


PAYable allows Sri Lankans to sell smarter, with their digital payment solutions.

A POS system for merchants and online sellers, PAYable allows them to sell and receive payments with no hidden costs.


These ten startups are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the innovation driving Sri Lanka’s economy.

Keep an eye on these startups as they continue to cement Sri Lanka as a global startup hub.