10 Startups To Watch In Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, a city known for its beautiful canals, busy bike scene and culturally diverse population is also home to a growing number of startups.

In fact, as one of Europe’s startup hubs, every year more and more entrepreneurs and businesses move to the city to become the next big thing.

Here, we look at 10 Amsterdam-based startups that we think are worth keeping an eye on.


1. Neople: AI Co-Workers


Neople - Trengo Tech Partner Directory


Neople is helping support customer services professionals with its AI co-workers.

Through its advanced AI, Neople can help businesses keep up with the high level of customer support that is needed in the e-commerce sector. Dubbed ‘your AI colleague’, the company is helping ensure customers remain happy without overwhelming teams.


2. Klearly: Phone POS System


Klearly - Your phone as a mobile pin terminal - Klearly


Klearly helps turn any phone into a point of sale system with its payment app.

Simply by downloading the app, any shop owner or service professional can turn their phone into a payment pin machine, making payments easy. Not only that, once paid, the app will share a receipt so merchants can see everything in one place.


3. Source.ag: AI for Agriculture


Source.ag | YES!Delft


Source.ag is helping growers farm smarter with its AI technology. The technology allows them to more accurately manage yield, make their resources go further and lower any risks.

Currently existing in 15 countries, the company is helping growers track, cultivate and control their yields more effectively, maximising profit for growers worldwide.


4. Skinive: AI Skin Scanner


Skinvie Holding BV | EU-Startups


Skinive is an AI-powered dermatology tool that helps people identify any suspicious looking skin conditions.

Through their phone camera, users are able to scan areas of the skin. Skinive can then detect any potential issues or threats early, helping give them peace of mind or encourage quick treatment.


5. Cino: Payment Splitting


Cino - Virtual card to split bills automatically


Another FinTech to add to the list, Cino is helping people manage their shared payments more easily.

Through connecting their debit card to the app and tracking payments in a group, Cino allows users to get paid instantly for group transactions without any hassle.



6. Farmless: Carbon Negative Food


Nucleus Capital


Farmless is on a mission to reduce the amount of carbon used in food production with its fermented, carbon-neutral proteins.

The protein requires far less land than animal protein, giving people a more sustainable alternative.


7. Insify: Insurance For Freelancers


Jobs at Insify


Insify is a digital insurance company designed specifically for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

The company offers quick cover at affordable prices, allowing users to cancel at anytime. This allows workers with more unpredictable jobs to protect themselves against accidents, financial losses or legal issues.


8. Timberhub: Online Timber Marketplace


Timberhub | Speedinvest Portfolio Company


Timberhub is an online marketplace for those that are looking to buy and sell timber.

By moving timber trade online, Timberhub helps buyers source materials for projects, compare costs and cut out the long process typically involved in timber procurement.


9. Fero: Checkout Conversion


FERO Raises $3M Seed Round to Pioneer Online Payment Solutions | Financial IT


A lot of shoppers abandon purchases at checkout, to help businesses reduce this churn, Fero offers a platform that tailors the checkout experience to each shopper.

By tracking shopper behaviour, Fero can deliver a better checkout experience, leading to increased revenue.


10. Monumental: Construction Robotics


Monumental - Construction Robot Operator


Monumental is helping the construction industry become more efficient through its robotics.

The company, though still in its early stages, has built a number of products to help improve safety and productivity on construction sites in The Netherlands.