10 Startups To Watch In Berlin, Germany

With over 3,000 Berlin startups, growing at an annual rate of 15%, it’s no secret that Berlin is a hotspot both for startup founders and global talent seeking their next career adventure.

From renewable energy to fertility services, these startups are showcasing the best of Berlin innovation. Here we spotlight ten startups to watch in Berlin.


1. Trawa – Renewable Energy


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Through its innovative AI solution, renewable energy supplier trawa makes it simple and affordable for companies of all sizes to purchase and manage energy.

Thanks to their technology, trawa helps companies source electricity from solar and wind farms to help adapt their operations to include renewable energy. As a result, their clients can minimise their energy consumption significantly and, in turn, help to decarbonise the world.


2. Ovom Care – Fertility Services


Ovom Care


This digital-first fertility care provider combines reproductive care with advanced AI solutions. Their goal is to make fertility access more affordable and accessible to women.

Their team uses technology, medicine and embryology professionals making them well-equipped to drive more successful patient outcomes.


3. Finoa – Financial Services

Finoa Prepares for Next Phase of Growth with Three New C-Suite Talents | Business Wire


Wondering how traditional financial services companies keep up with digital assets? Enter Finoa. Finoa aims to create a decentralised economy based on digital value to help support a fairer and more inclusive society.

By helping institutions understand and safely engage with crypto, they have become a big name in unlocking the potential of digital assets.


4. Hexafarms – Agritech




Agricultural tech company hexafarms, is looking to tackle the problem of global food shortages. Through their innovative AI technology, they are looking to optimise greenhouses to power the future of food production.

From being able to provide yield forecasts, monitor climate, count fruit and recognise crop disease, all within minutes, they are helping to build a more climate resilient future.

5. Choco – Food Services


VP Product (Berlin based. Relocation provided) @ Choco


Choco is a digital food ordering platform with a twist. The platform, targeted at restaurants and ingredients suppliers, aims to eliminate food waste – the third largest driver of climate change.

Through AI algorithms, they can analyse a restaurant’s order patterns and match with ingredient availability to get the restaurant the amount of food they need, when they need it.



6. Everyone Energy – GreenTech


Organisation | Berlin spart Energie


Everyone Energy is a Software as a Service (SaaS) startup focusing on providing solutions to help individuals and companies play their part in the renewable energy transition.

The software  automates the analysis of rooftops looking at multiple data sources, evaluating them and simulating them to generate the best possible solar solutions for their clients – from heat pumps to solar systems and wallboxes.


7. Coachhub – Professional Development


CoachHub - The Digital Coaching Platform


Looking to make the hiring and training process more personalised, Coachhub is focused on increasing accessibility to corporate training and expert knowledge to allow companies to reach their full potential.

Their digital corporate training sessions are designed for global talent across organisations from multiple sectors.

Through an innovative use of AI algorithms, the platform offers a personalised user experience by suggesting programmes to suit their individual preferences and needs.


8. goodcarbon – Carbon Credits




goodcarbon looks to use “nature-based solution” assets to offer companies high-quality carbon credits.

Through close collaboration with impact-driven projects and cultivating original carbon credit projects, they aim to help companies address biodiversity loss, achieve net zero targets and reach sustainable development goals.


9. Formo – Cellular Agriculture


Formo - The Future Dairy from Berlin & Frankfurt


Want to cut down your dairy-related greenhouse emissions but can’t cut down your cheese intake? Formo has a solution.

This cellular agriculture company uses milk proteins that are produced by microorganisms which synthesise dairy ingredients.

Whether your weakness is camembert, cheddar or feat, Formo can give you the taste you love without any cattle involvement.


10. Wefox – InsurTech Platform


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Wefox offers safe and personalised digital insurance solutions backed by data analytics and artificial intelligence.

The platform serves more than 400,000 customers, connecting them to over 200 trusted insurers and insurance brokers to offer easy and affordable solutions.