10 Startups To Watch In Sydney, Australia

Sydney Australia is the home of many landmarks, from world-famous Opera houses to botanical gardens and beaches.

But Sydney is also home to hundreds of innovative startups. From tech-driven apps to sustainability solutions, these startups are certainly making waves both locally and globally.

Here, we take a look at 10 startups in Sydney that we think are worth keeping an eye on.


1. Inventia Life Science – 3D Bioprinting


Inventia Life Science Pty Ltd. - CMOCRO


Inventia Life Science is revolutionising cancer research with its 3D cell models. The company allows scientists to create cell models that mimic real human tissue to aid with medical research.

Using these lab grown cells, scientists are able to progress medical research, helping them test and find cures for unhealthy cell mutations.


2. Hullbot – Robots For Improving Ocean Health


Hullbot - Member of the World Alliance


Hullbot is helping improve boat maintenance with its underwater hull cleaning robots. Designed to clean hulls to reduce drag and save fuel, the robot also reduces the environmental impact of boats.

This is particularly helpful for the shipping industry, where keeping a ship’s hull clean helps the boat run optimally.


3. Sendle – Carbon Neutral Shipping


Sendle delivers the goods with omnichannel customer service


Sendle is a courier service that provides small businesses with affordable, carbon-neutral shipping options.

By using a wide network of logistics partners, they are able to make reliable and environmentally responsible deliveries for businesses all over Australia, The US and Canada.


4. Employment Hero – HR and Payroll Solutions


All-In-One HR, Payroll & Benefits Platform | Employment Hero


Employment Hero is helping businesses simplify HR, payroll and benefits for companies of all sizes.

The platform can automate a number of HR processes, including recruitment, onboarding and annual leave management, whilst also giving companies useful analytics to keep track of their employee data.


5. Infravision – Drone Powerline Stringing


Infravision Raises $23 Million USD to Accelerate Power Line Construction  and Grid Capacity in North America | Business Wire


Infravision is using drones to make powerline stringing easier. Their drones are able to inspect and repair powerlines, making it safer for companies to maintain them.

By improving the safety and maintenance of powerlines, the Infravision is helping more people access reliable power.



6. Vero – Customer Messaging Platform


Vero - Tealium DE


Vero provides businesses with automated tools for customer engagement and communication.

Their platform allows companies to send customers personalised emails and text messages based on their behaviour with the product. Ultimately, this leads to stronger relationships and better customer retention, allowing them to engage more meaningfully with their audience.


7. Conexie – Data Optimisation


Landcom Urban Futures Accelerator Program - Launch Pad

Conexie is a tool that allows companies to input data around their operations and then receive insights around it.

By turning complex data into easy-to-understand graphs, conexie is helping companies get the most out of their data.


8. Vively – Glucose Monitoring


Continuous Glucose Monitoring Australia & App | Vively

Vively is a health and wellness platform designed to help people understand how glucose affects their nutrition, exercise, sleep and wider habits.

The platform’s personalised, data-driven approach to wellbeing makes it a great tool for those looking to improve their lifestyle holistically.


9. V2Food – Plant-Based Meat Alternatives


Home - v2food - Australia's #1 Plant Based Meat Company

V2Food is a plant-based meat food company that creates delicious and sustainable alternatives to traditional meat products.

Their plant-based foods are designed to appeal to those that love meat but want to have a more environmentally friendly diet. By helping people have food that doesn’t compromise on taste, the company is driving the plant-based revolution.


10. Curious Thing – AI Telephone Assistant


Curious Thing AI - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

Curious Thing offers AI voice agents that are designed to support growing businesses and busy telephone operators with customer conversations.

Using AI, Curious Thing allow companies to ensure they never miss a customer call.