10 Startups To Watch In Toronto, Canada

Toronto is a city known for its bustling arts scene, great museums and diverse food options. But aside from that, Toronto is also a business hub, with a big startup economy.

Here, we look at 10 startups that are not only innovating within Canada, but also globally.

Let’s take a look…


1. Lucid Therapeutics – Improving Mental Health Through Music


Santa Barbara Ketamine & Psychedelics Therapy


Lucid Therapeutics uses emption AI to improve mental wellbeing through music.

Using music therapy and AI, the company is able to offer personalised music therapy to each person, helping them improve their mental health. By partnering with research institutions, Ludic Therapeutics is helping more people better their mental health through the power of sound.


2. Vetster – Online Vet Services


Vetster Launches VetsterRx Online Pet Pharmacy | Business Wire


Vetster is a startup that connects pet owners with licensed vets through its online platform.

The startup offers 24/7 virtual consultations, making care more accessible and convenient when needed. Based in Toronto, the startup has expanded to the US, helping more people access treatment when needed.


3. Wingmate – Sales Management & CRM


Wingmate Support


Wingmate is a CRM platform that helps businesses nurture, manage and close their leads. The platform helps staff capture important information, store important documents and utilise Wingmate’s sales team to close leads

Through their full suite of products, Wingmate helps businesses maximise profit and save time on business admin.


4. Elevate Farms – Vertical Farming


Elevate Vertical Farm


Elevate Farms is a vertical farming company, helping to design, build and operate vertical farms.

Their system produces fresh, sustainable produce that uses less water, no chemicals and less energy. Through their technology, Elevate Farms is helping make farming more space-efficient and sustainable.


5. Humi – HR Software


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Humi is helping small and medium-sized businesses streamline HR.

Their platform includes payroll, benefits, and HR tools, making admin tasks easier whilst also improving employee experience. Humi’s wide list of features help businesses save time whilst also making sure their employees stay happy at work.



6. Halp – Study Abroad Coaching


Halp | Frequently Asked Questions


Halp provides guidance and support for students who want to study abroad.

The platform contains adbice around choosing the right school, how to apply, visa processes and more. Halp is helping make being an international student more easy and accessible to students across the country.


7. Lancey – AI Product Manager


Lancey | AI powered product manager


Lancey is an AI that is designed to almost be like an extra colleague. Dubbed ‘Merlin’, the AI gets to know a specific product, and then is able to help develop it.

Not only that, it also looks at how users interact with a product to suggest any enhancements, helping businesses develop in the right way.


8. Wealthsimple – Automated Investment Services


Wealthsimple - The Wealth Mosaic


Wealthsimple helps people get to grips with investing, through its smart investing products.

The company provides people with low-cost portfolio options, allowing them to seek advice from experts to find the best tool for them. The company is on a mission to help make finance more accessible and help people achieve their financial goals more easily.


9. Cios – Flexible Leases


Cios logo wordmark


Cios is a flexible leasing platform, allowing landlords to embrace flexibility when it comes to their rental.

As early move out fees can be expensive, Cios acts as an insurance policy that helps landlords adopt more flexible terms without worrying about the financial implications.


10. Wattpad – Storytelling Platform


Wattpad Logo


Wattpad is a platform that allows writers to share their stories with millions of readers.

The company allows authors to publish their books, build a following and even get discovered by publishers. Almost like a social media platform for writers, Wattpad is helping more people make their passion a career.