10 Startups To Watch In Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden is a city known for its culture, media and rich history. Known as one of the most inclusive cities in the world, Stockholm is also home to a vast number of startups.

From healthtech to fintech, and from SaaS to fintech development services, these startups are making an impact both globally and locally. Here are ten startups in Stockholm that we think are worth keeping an eye on in 2024.


Doktor.se – Digital Healthcare Services


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Doktor.se is a digital health services provider, helping families across Sweden access instant medical care.

Through providing online consultations and healthcare advice instantly, it aims to make medical care more accessible and convenient.


Quartr – Financial Insights


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Quartr is an app for any financial investor, helping people better understand the stock market.

By providing access to company earnings transcripts, reports, and presentations, Quartr helps investors access the information they need to make informed decisions. This makes it a great tool for both new and experienced investors, allowing them to make smarter investment decisions.


Atlar – Automated Financial Workflows


Former Tink employees launch fintech Atlar


Atlar helps to automate financial processes all through one system.

Designed for businesses, Atlar streamlines tasks such as payments, cash flow management, and reporting. Designed to be used alongside existing financial systems, Atlar helps companies save time and reduce errors when it comes to their financial operations.


Citationsy – Citation Tool


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Citationsy is a tool to help academics create citations for their work, perfect for students, researchers and journalists.

Its easy-to-use platform allows writers to create, organise and format their citations easily, making the task of referencing sources much less painful.


Leia Health – Post-Partum Support


LEIA Health | LinkedIn


Leia Health focuses on healthcare for women after they have given birth.

By mixing data and tech, it offers women advice and support both physically and mentally. This holistic approach helps to empower women to take control of their wellbeing after giving birth.


Scrintal – Visual Collaboration


Scrintal Feedback


Scrintal is helping teams visually their ideas and improve collaboration.

The tool combines mind mapping and note-taking, allowing users to connect and showcase ideas seamlessly. Ideal for remote teams or creative projects, Scrintal helps visualise information, leading to better communication and collaboration.



Acast – Podcast Hosting and Monetisation


Acast - Wikipedia


Acast is a platform for podcast hosting, distribution and monetisation.

It helps podcasters make their content into a business by providing tools for publishing, analytics and ad revenue. Acast is becoming a popular platform for podcasters that are looking to grow their audience and income.


Cloover – Flexible Financing For Renewables


Rokc logo


Cloover is helping more people power their homes with renewable energy through its flexible financing solutions.

By working with renewable energy partners, the company is able to make home upgrades more simple and affordable with financing options.


Hollbium – Indoor Vertical Farming




Hollbium brings agriculture indoors with its vertical farming technology.

Specifically for offices, Hollbium’s plant systems provide plant with healthy light and automatic watering all year round. This not only helps brighten up working environments, but can also be a great way to reduce stress.


Skira – Agricultural Data



Skira is transforming agriculture in Sweden with its data-driven insights.

By providing farmers with data, Skira helps them improve crop yields and reduce the amount of resource they use. The platform analyses weather, soil and trading markets, allowing farmers to maximise profit year on year.