17. Olsam Group

Founders: Sam and Ollie Horbye

Website: https://olsamgroup.com/en/

Business: Acquires and scales category-leading brands created by solopreneurs across the globe.




Olsam is a technology driven consumer goods company reimagining omnichannel commerce and consumer products for the next century. It acquires and scales category-leading brands created by solopreneurs across the globe and develops brands in-house, bringing high-quality products to market across digital marketplaces, channels, and retailers globally. It is one of Europe’s fastest growing start-ups and recently raised $165M from top-tier VC funds including Christian Angermayer’s Elevat3 Capital, which counts Peter Thiel as a strategic partner, and Apeiron Investment Group.

Co-founded by two brothers, Ollie and Sam, the company uses its expertise to drive brands forward as they scale across all marketplaces, including Otto, Allegro, CD Discount and Walmart. The Olsam team holds over 20 years of unique working knowledge on how to manage and scale FBA brands in a time of challenging macro headwinds, notably Brexit, container shortages and wider supply chain issues. In the last 12 months the business has hired close to 50 employees with backgrounds across the eCommerce space, in the Amazon marketplace and other high-growth disruptive technology companies.



We are facing some of the worst supply chain disruptions to have impacted consumer goods/retail in living memory. The UK situation has been exacerbated by COVID and Brexit, which has led to a reduction in workers at ports and HGV drivers to transfer containers to warehouses.

Currently the company is assessing the environmental impact of the FMCG space and pressure on brands to consider ‘green’ and eco-friendly best practices. Olsam appreciates the need to address its emissions footprint outside its ‘own walls’ called Scope 3 emissions.

Olsam is reviewing appropriate carbon offset programs already those relating directly to CPG industry. The business acquires brands that use sustainable materials and work out of factories that promote social equality and the strongest social standards in the supply chain. Hopefully, this will be in place for Q4 as countries around the world continue to work towards Net Zero goals.


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