18. Glaize

Founders: Gina Farran and Chris Mosedale

Website: https://glaize.co/

Business: A ‘technailogy’ start-up, using tech to create made-to-measure gel manicures that can be applied in the comfort of your own home.




Glaize is on a mission to change the nail care industry by simplifying the process of getting a quality manicure through technology and by reformulating nail care products in a more sustainable fashion. Glaize exists to offer customers an alternative that’s easier, faster and better for your nails and the environment, while still giving you the durability and salon quality of a gel manicure. Their first product is the made-to-measure gels, partially bio-based stick-ons that are sized exactly to your nails, using patent-pending technology.

Growing up in Lebanon, Glaize co-founder Gina Farran developed a love of manicures, but after moving to Dubai and then London to work in investment banking, found that she had very little downtime to get her nails done. This sparked an idea: there had to be a better alternative to salon manicures, that didn’t look cheap and offered custom-sizing, unlike existing solutions already on the market.



Farran left the world of Investment Banking and met her co-founder Chris Mosedale at Antler’s accelerator programme, and together in March 2020, Glaize was born, with the goal of disrupting the nail care industry.

Building a company during the pandemic and in the wake of Brexit does not come without challenges. The team have had to build the product and tech from scratch whilst working remotely for almost two years, contending with supply chain issues that delayed progress considerably, not to mention the additional pressure on cash flow. Undeterred by these setbacks, Farran & Mosedale not only raised c. £500k of funding, but also managed to build the entire manufacturing process in-house, and have successfully developed a gel formulation which required over 300 iterations. Glaize filed a patent application towards the end of 2021, after 18 months of development.

Glaize are due to launch their highly-anticipated first product in the UK this spring via their direct-to-consumer website. The brand has some exciting collaborations and new product drops planned for 2022, as well as plans to continuously improve their sustainability credentials with the goal of becoming a B Corp in the near future.


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