19. Laundryheap

Founder: Deyan Dimitrov

Website: https://www.laundryheap.co.uk/

Business: The world’s leading on-demand dry-cleaning and laundry service.




Founder Deyan Dimitrov was inspired to create this door-to-door service in 2014, after finding himself outside a closed dry cleaners, his suit inside, with nothing to wear for an event the next day. The Laundryheap app allows customers to arrange dry cleaning or laundry for clothes and bedding, with a guaranteed return time of 24 hours.

Over the past few years, Laundryheap experienced unprecedented demand from the service and hospitality industry, growing by over 300% as demand for reliable and socially-distanced laundry solutions skyrocketed. Throughout the pandemic, their quick turnaround and contactless delivery options enabled their drivers to adhere to the highest standards of hygiene, safety and social distancing, without compromising on the quality of service experienced by customers. The company now operates in 27 cities that span 10 countries including the UK, US, Singapore, the Netherlands and Qatar. Laundryheap is on track to turnover £12 million this year.



A sustainable and environmental focus has been at the core of Laundryheap’s ethos since 2014, but since COP26, it’s become apparent that more needs to be done to integrate environmentally-friendly practices into their operations. In an effort to become more carbon friendly, Laundryheap recently established ‘Green Routes’ during deliveries, and invested £2.5m in a new fleet of eco-delivery bikes – a significant step towards achieving a 100% zero emission delivery fleet. Their partnership with EAV enabled them to add 200 e-cargo bikes to their service and oversee one of the biggest e-cargo bike fleets in the UK. They also introduced e-bikes in Dubai, which has greatly improved the sustainability of their work in the Middle East.

Laundryheap have additionally incorporated a range of green cleaning techniques to strengthen their commitment to maintaining an eco-friendly service, such as fine tuning their washes to minimise energy loss without compromising on quality, and using biodegradable detergents to improve water treatment and the quality of wastewater.

In 2022, Laundryheap will continue to uphold their commitment to sustainability across all areas of their business, innovating on an ongoing basis to improve their green credentials. They plan to introduce sustainable e-bikes across all of their international markets, deploy low-carbon transport alongside the roll-out of their e-bike fleets, and implement more eco-friendly laundry services to their customers.


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