20. Ripples

Founders: Matthew Smithson and Sean Donnelly

Website: https://www.joinripples.org/

Business: A fundraising app rounding up users’ card payments and donating pennies to their chosen cause every time they spend.




Ripples (formerly Roundups) was launched in November 2020. The Tech for Good startup is intent on revolutionising the way we give and interact with giving. The Ripples app automatically rounds up your card payments and donates the spare change to a charity of your choice. Most importantly, the Ripples app delivers personal bitesize Impact Updates that show you the difference you are making as you go.



Did you know that just 25% of people give to charity regularly? The Ripples team believe they can change this by building innovative and engaging digital giving experiences fit for 2022. The startup aims to help people feel more connected to things that really matter by inspiring small, regular acts of generosity.

After closing their pre-seed round, led by TwinklHive, the team is growing and looking to scale their impact in 2022. Ripples currently supports over 80 charities and, through partnerships, will be adding hundreds more UK charities in the coming months.


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