2. GoodCourse


Founders: Chris Mansfield and Omar Mughal

Website: https://www.goodcourse.co.uk/

Business: A mobile-first, micro-learning platform built to make e-learning more accessible for remote audiences.




2.7bn employees – 80% of the global workforce – don’t work at a computer, and so are excluded from the usual e-learning ecosystem. Beyond that, companies have non-employee audiences (customers, stakeholders, service users etc.) they want to engage and educate on key topics, yet engagement and ease of use are a big challenge.

Founded in early 2021, GoodCourse is already supporting companies and universities looking to have impact on topics like inclusion, sexual harassment, wellbeing, workplace skills, and more. By deploying highly engaging, TikTok-style content directly to learners’ phones via text message, companies are now able to reach and engage their audiences like never before.



GoodCourse embraces spaced learning and nudge theory – leading to greater retention and effected behavioural change. And at just 3 minutes a day for 4 or 5 days, you’ll never be too busy to learn again.

By delivering via text message whilst combining content experiences on par with a combination of Instagram stories and TikTok videos, GoodCourse solving for the difficult combination of accessibility and engagement.

The startup already have a team of 5, their ambition to create the leading learning experience when it comes to engagement and accessibility, whilst having impact on important social topics – equity, inclusion, wellbeing – alongside workplace skills.

The startup raised their pre-seed round in October 2021 from top investors, including founders from Monzo, Lendable, and GoCardless.


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