27. PollenPay

Founder: Leon Wilson

Website: https://pollenpay.com/

Business: A ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ (BNPL) company, offering customers an alternative, flexible method of payment at checkout.




Aptly named PollenPay, the company was born out of Manchester and is a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ (BNPL) company, servicing the entire UK. The business originated four years ago, before fully launching its service in February 2022.

The company’s service helps people to avoid taking the hit of one big payment, or paying high interest fees on purchases through credit card transactions. Unlike many of its competitors, the business has several human-centric core values, which help customers to improve levels of financial responsibility.



To this end, PollenPay offers:

Flexible Payment Option: With PollenPay, customers can improve the management of their cashflow, helping to maximise levels of disposable income. What’s more, they can do all this without having to sign up for a credit card, allowing customers to avoid high interest rates.

More Responsible Approach: PollenPay differentiates itself from competitors in the field by incorporating a more responsible approach to BNPL transactions. Should the company notice a customer has a late instalment payment, PollenPay will temporarily restrict that customer from making any further purchases until all these payments are repaid in full.

Perfect Solution for Business: For boutique businesses, PollenPay offers immediate payments, helping to greatly reduce the time spent waiting for money to clear into accounts and enabling much greater cashflow management. As such, the service offers businesses a far more efficient option in comparison to other BNPL platforms.

Now launched, PollenPay plans to expand its business significantly in the next twelve months. The company is looking to partner with several high-street brands, as well as some leading online brands like Boohoo, ASOS and Pretty Little Things.

Moving forward, the company aims for all retailers to incorporate PollenPay as the go-to payment option and allow customers to pay it their way with PollenPay.


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