34. Photocert


Founder: Pasquale Saviano

Website: https://photocert.co.uk/

Business: An insurtech startup solving the problem of automating processes that rely on visual data while ensuring that data is genuinely reliable.




Launched in 2019 as a platform to analyse images using proprietary photo authentication technology, Photocert has evolved into all-in-one claims and underwriting applications for motor and P&C insurance. Photocert can deliver from a complete white-label claim/onboarding platform to a camera API component that performs image certification with 99,99% accuracy.

The idea came about in 2016 when founder Pasquale moved to London with his wife. They ​​found a flat on a popular platform, but the ad had been misleading while the bed picture had been stretched to look larger. In this day and age, people often make decisions based on images, and at the same time, several programs are available to manipulate images. Thus, with his software engineering background, he began working on a solution.

In 2019, Photocert was granted the opportunity of participating in the Techstars Program. This participation was vital to comprehend the precise market for them—meeting 90 mentors in three months helped to perceive the necessity for image authentication in sectors like news reporting, peer-to-peer marketplace, visual data for evidence, and insurance.



To improve experiences for as many parties as possible, Photocert focused on the insurance sector. They’re in the midst of change, receiving pressure from policyholders, regulators, and new entrants to provide better services and lower prices. The key to resolving these challenges is to automate/improve their claim and underwriting processes. For Photocert, automation based on visual evidence became a top priority and developing a solution that certifies visual data while performing forensic analysis has achieved a remarkable degree of success with current big-name clients.

Photocert has an expanding modular platform of claims and underwriting applications that adapt to new and existing processes (with APIs), opening also to partner opportunities. The app has been used to submit events and receive valuable information like estimating vehicles and water leak damage, picture & optical character recognition for content underwriting, and object valuation for content claims. Photocert believes optimising claims performance requires a balance of highly efficient, end-to-end automated solutions with personalised experiences that allow policyholders to get precisely the help they need.

The conversion of large insurers into clients is very challenging. However, with an exceptional multicultural team, Photocert secured two of the most prominent insurance companies (one being top 3 in Europe) as clients. Since then, users have reported three significant results; simplification of hefty paperwork operations, dramatic fraud reduction, and enhanced customer service.

2022 will be an exciting year; after closing a seed round in late 2021 with a solid pipeline of clients/pilots and a great new board, Photocert will incorporate new technological features that will enable them to scale quickly and improve the quality and scope of their products. The mission is to help to make visual media valuable and trustworthy, speeding up the insurance processes while preventing fraud and giving the policyholder the customer experience they deserve.


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