42. Zencargo

Founders: Alex Hersham and Richard Fattal

Website: https://www.zencargo.com/

Business: A logistics company simplifying global trade via digital freight services.




Founded in 2017, Zencargo is a digital freight-forwarding company, using cutting-edge technology to make the supply chain more efficient, accurate, and sustainable.

Co-founders Alex Hersham and Richard Fattal are experts in the logistics sector and have established themselves as thought leaders on various topics within the field. Zencargo is relied upon by the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Swoon Furniture, Farfetch, and Soho Home.



Between the pandemic, Brexit, the Suez canal blockage, and other unprecedented supply chain disruptions of the previous two years, Zencargo has faced the challenge of preparing its clients for the issues these events have caused. From handling all the necessary components of transporting goods to making sure companies have complete visibility of their supply chains down to the item level, Zencargo has made sure their customers have survived and thrived during these disruptive times.

Having grown from 95 people in 2015 to 285 in 2021, Zencargo will now seek to grow the team even more by the end of the year. The team also has plans to expand geographically to empower more clients to make data-backed decisions.


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