44. WeMaintain

Founders: Benoit Dupont, Jade Francine and Tristan Foureur

Website: https://www.wemaintain.co.uk/

Business: Provides proprietary IoT technology to critical building systems, enabling the design and implementation of smart cities.




Founded in late 2017 by Benoit Dupont, Jade Francine, and Tristan Foureur, WeMaintain began by supplying elevator maintenance solutions, and is now expanding to apply smart technology to all the critical systems of a building. The company has gone from strength to strength over the last couple of years, adapting its solution to improve the maintenance of even more devices across buildings in London, Paris and Singapore.

In 2021, WeMaintain acquired fire monitoring company Shokly and hired Fire Division Head Dave Martin, whose 20 year career as an electronics specialist will allow the company to revolutionise fire suppression with IoT technology. Shokly’s acquisition came after $36mn in Series B funding, which will bolster WeMaintain’s offer as it looks to expand in 2022.

With offices in Europe and Asia, the company is constantly expanding, supporting customers in the residential and commercial property market and winning major contracts with customers such as Allianz Real Estate, WeWork, and KeolisAmey Docklands who operate and maintain London’s Dockland Light Railway. Since its launch, WeMaintain has raised €38.8M from Eurazeo, Red River West and BPIFrance Digital Venture.

WeMaintain’s IoT-enabled hardware and real-time data gathering empowers engineers to predict and respond to maintenance issues, and also enables asset managers to deploy their resources in accordance with an accurate measure of building use. This has been critical during the irregular asset use brought on by the pandemic.

WeMaintain therefore supplies an end to end technology solution for building managers and engineers, connecting up disparate ecosystems of legacy technologies and engineering procedures to enable more efficient building maintenance.



As a result, over a six month maintenance period WeMaintain engineers are able to cut the average number of breakdowns by three. Nearly 75% of WeMaintain callouts are now carried out in less than two hours, half the four-hour industry average.

The simplicity of its solution has also allowed WeMaintain to respond to one of the industry’s most pressing challenges: how to improve maintenance for older buildings without technology accounted for in the original design. WeMaintain has overcome this challenge by making use of small sensors that can be embedded into existing builds. Where other smart buildings may be designed with technology in mind, WeMaintain’s offer is allowing buildings of all shapes, sizes and ages to deliver a better experience for customers and regulate energy use more efficiently.

These streamlined processes benefit the company’s engineers, facilitating ease of reporting maintenance issues and verifying repairs. In an industry yet to break away from paper reporting, WeMaintain’s slick tech solution has improved standards and efficiency from start to finish, guaranteeing clarity, consistency and accuracy, and giving space for engineers to feed back on personal concerns or room for improvement.

With the team growing, WeMaintain will hope to expand into the US market following sustained success in Europe and the UK.


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