5 Startups In The Bahamas Worth Watching

The Bahamas is not just a prime destination for tourists; but has also been the home of many startups.

In fact, The Bahamas was home to the infamous FTX, the company that operated a fraud-ridden crypto exchange and hedge fund.

However, in the aftermath of this controversy, The Bahamas has remained an exciting ecosystem for new startups.

From renewable energy to digital financial services, young companies on this paradise island are sparking economic growth.

Here are five Bahamian startups that we think  are worth keeping an eye on:


1. Coral Vita: Coral Restoration


Coral Vita


Coral Vita is on a mission to restore dying coral reefs by growing coral on land and transplanting it into the ocean.

Their approach allows coral to grow faster, ensuring that they are regenerated quicker than they are destroyed.

Based in Freeport, this startup is helping boost marine biodiversity globally, making our seas more alive and diverse.


2. Solar Island Energy: Powering Sustainability


Solar Island Energy | Caribbean Solar & Renewable Energy


Solar Island Energy is helping to transform the energy sector in The Bahamas through solar power.

By making solar panels more easily accessible and affordable, the company is helping harness the country’s sun power for a greener future.



3. SunCash: Simplifying Digital Payments


SunCash Bahamas


SunCash is an app that allows users to pay each other instantly and securely.

By creating a personal link, people are able to quickly transfer funds from their smartphone.

As the country becomes more cashless, SunCash’s services are becoming increasingly important for everyday Bahamians.


4. Bahamas Hand Prints: Local Made Treasures


Bahama Hand Prints


Whilst not a tech startup, this local business is helping to keep old traditions alive with their hand printed garments.

Adorned with Bahamian sea animals and symbols, the company has expanded over the years and become a symbol of local artistry on the island.


5. Pepperstone: Online Trading


Pepperstone Review - Pros & Cons Revealed (2024)


Although headquartered in Australia, Pepperstone has made significant impact in The Bahamas, through its online trading technology.

The company provides Bahamians with access to global financial markets, including forex, stocks and cryptocurrencies.

By providing investors with educational resources and easy-to-use platforms, Pepperstone is helping local investors engage with financial markets worldwide.