Zambia’s Startup Scene: 10 Companies To Watch

Zambia, the home of Victoria Falls, a number of national parks and safaris, is also home to a growing number of startups.

These startups are not just making a name for themselves in Zambia, but also globally as they address issues both nationally and internationally.

From fintech to healthcare, here are 10 Zambian startups that are making waves and deserve attention. Let’s get into it…


1. ComGrow – Community Banking




ComGrow is a community bank, helping more rural people access financial support. As many people in Zambia have no access to formal banks, these self-governed community banks are a lifeline for many people.

ComGrow digitises informal savings and credit groups, helping more people access financial communities and receive financial support.


2. Kwela – Ride Sharing




Kwela is a ride-sharing app, helping more people in Zambia navigate its cities.

With 24/7 availability and a digital platform, Kwela is helping more people get from A to B with the click of a button.


3. Koloso – EdTech Platform




Koloso is an app focused on helping students and young adults achieve their personal learning goals.

Using gamification, the app allows them to be quizzed against their curriculum to earn rewards and achievements.

By making learning more fun, Koloso is helping young people excel in their education.


4. Nyamula – Logistics Efficiency




Nyamula is a online platform that helps cargo businesses streamline their logistics.

Through making it easier for companies to find available loads, Nyamula is powering a more connected Southern Africa.


5. Mighty Finance – Empowering Through Microloans


Mighty Fin


Mighty Finance provides financial loans for individuals and small businesses.

Their services are designed to be quick and efficient, helping clients with urgent financial needs without having to navigate traditional banking.



6. ZStudy – Powering Online Learning


ZStudy - Apps on Google Play


ZStudy offers an online learning platform for students that provides educational resources and courses.

Through the power of technology, ZStudy is making learning more interactive and accessible for children all over Zambia, helping students achieve their academic goals.


7. Dawa Health – Accessible Healthcare


Dawa Health | Decentralized Healthcare


Dawa Health uses the power of AI to make access to healthcare easier for expectant mothers.

Their app allows expecting mothers to measure key biometrics, pregnancy milestones and access health tips – without the need to see a doctor directly.


8. Ignitos – Space Tech Innovations


Ignitos Space | LinkedIn


Not yet launched, but highly anticipated, Ignitos is breaking new ground in Zambia with its focus on space technology.

They develop tech related to satellites, aiming to supercharge the country’s GPS capabilities.


9. FarmHut Africa – Revolutionising Farming




FarmHut Africa is a smart agriculture platform, designed to help farmers boost productivity and manage their sales.

With a variety of features such as plant diagnosis, weather forecasting, financial planning and logistics, it’s a 360 platform to help them farm more efficiently.


10. GBE Zambia – Building Sustainable Infrastructure


GBEC logo


GBE Zambia specialises in making green technology more widely available to people in Zambia.

Through partnering with young people to assess a business’ sustainability, the company is able to provide actionable solutions to power a greener country.