5 startups to watch in 2019

After a great start to 2019, I wanted to take a look at some exciting start-ups that are destined to make their mark this year.


‘Gladly’ is a customer service platform that creates a highly personalised experience for your customers. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few players in this space, however, offering such an omnichannel approach – whether it’s chat, SMS, social, email, or voice all within one perfectly constructed solution has Gladly at the forefront. Having raised $63 million in total we’re expecting big things from Gladly in 2019.


Number 2 on the list and hailing from Stockholm, Sweden is payment provider ‘Klarna’. Like most payment providers,  Klarna offers direct payments – but their USP comes in the form of flexible payment plans, such as ‘pay after delivery options’ which allows consumers to pay by various methods at a time that suits them.

Already providing a payment solution for over 100,000 merchants across 14 countries you could argue that Klarna is pretty well established but don’t let that fool you. Expect some mega growth from this Swedish outfit in 2019.


At number 3 I’ve gone for another Fintech company that is expecting a big year in 2019. Fluidly is a super smart cash flow platform that uses AI to help your business manage and accurately forecast cash flow.

Having already acquired a £5 million Series A round led by  New-York based Nyca Partners, it’s worth keeping an eye on these guys.


Fourth on the list is Equify. Equify is the brainchild of French venture builders, eFounder and is a platform to simplify equity management.

Whether you’re opening equity, managing stocks or assessing a company’s cap table, Equify manages everything in one easy to use solution.

Founded in 2017, it’s still early days for the cap table management tool and with Carta receiving £10 million in funding, there’s some stiff competition. This said I think they have what it takes!


Insurtech is often known as the boring industry in tech, however, Founder’s Daniel Schreiber and Shai Wininger are trying to update this with their millennial-friendly app, Lemonade. Lemonade uses a super cool AI bot named Maya to help you find the perfect insurance.

Unlike traditional insurers, Lemonade uses a super cheap flat fee type model to help protect both renters and homeowners.

Backed by Japanese giants SoftBank group, you could say the $120 million funding round completed in December has them destined for success, but remember, insurance is a super competitive sector with some gigantic players.


Thomas Baker


Growth Marketing Writing