6 Startups In Somalia To Watch

Located in the horn of Africa, Somalia has had a complex political history, but amongst its resilient people a new startup system is beginning to emerge.

From healthcare to finance, these companies are helping Somalians access new services to boost their quality of life.

Here, we take a look at 6 startups in Somalia that we think are worth watching…


1. JobSom – Employment and Recruitment 





JobSom is helping Somalian people manage the local job market by connecting them with potential employees online.

As the main online employment platform in the region, JobSom gives users a streamlined, efficient process for finding jobs, helping more people boost their income and find work.


2. PaySo – Crypto Payment Software



As a FinTech startup, PaySo is helping people transfer their crypto into local bank accounts and vice versa.

The company allows users to make a crypto payment directly into a bank account with over 40 currencies, allowing the money to be received instantly and with no hidden fees.

3. Ogow Health – Accessible Healthcare Online


OGOW-EMR — Response Innovation Lab


Ogow Health is helping more people access healthcare in Somalia by providing online access to medical information and resources.

Their platform allows caregivers to access vital information, helping to improve treatment and overall care in the country.



4. Rikaab – Ride-Sharing Service



Rikaab is helping more people catch a ride with its reliable and convenient ride-sharing service.

Not only that, but riders get rewards for using the service, which they can redeem against the company’s other services which include food delivery, future rides and e-commerce deliveries.


5. Fikr Camp – Coding Bootcamp




Fikr Camp is a bootcamp that promises students they can become full stack developers in just 16 weeks.

The company is spearheading Somalia’s digital development through its suite of online courses, upskilling the population in important digital skills.


6. Deegaan Bile – Agricultural Landscaping



Deegaan Bile is an agricultural service provider on a mission to improve garden landscaping and boost ecological diversity in urban areas.

The company offers a wide range of landscaping and waste-management services, on a mission to make the earth more green and clean.