7 Startups In Sierra Leone And Guinea That Are Worth Watching

On the west side of the continent of Africa, close to the Atlantic Ocean sit 2 countries: Sierra Leona and Guinea.

Famous for their natural resources, including diamonds, these African nations are also starting to make a name for themselves in other areas.

In fact, startups in both of these countries have started innovating to help tackle issues both locally and internationally.

Here’s a closer look at 7 companies that are making impacts in their areas:


1. EntoTech Innovations – Natural Bio Solutions



EntoTech Innovations – EntoTech Innovations is a Sierra Leone-based agricultural research and development company established in March 2023 to pioneer insect-based solutions.



EntoTech Innovations is pioneering research into how insects can be used to promote biodiversity in the country.

The company is researching more sustainable methods of pest control and pollination, using insects and the natural food chain. Not only this, they are also creating alternative protein sources from insects for livestock and fertiliser, further boosting the country’s ecology.


2. Salone Agro Market – Agricultural E-commerce Platform


Salone Agro Market


Salone Agro Market connects farmers directly to markets through their online platform.

This helps reduce the gap between rural farmers and potential buyers, allowing them to receive better prices for products and cut the middle man. The company is on a mission to support farmers’ livelihoods and help more people access locally grown food.


3. Easy Solar – Affordable Solar Solutions


Easy Solar | GOGLA


With a mission to make solar energy accessible to all, Easy Solar is helping people access more cost-effective renewable energy across Sierra Leone.

Their pay-as-you-go service allows people to access sustainable electricity both helping people get more reliable power and also promoting sustainable energy use.



4. Tholoma Empire – Agricultural Innovation


Tholoma Empire | Freetown


Tholoma Empire is a startup helping more people access food, specifically rice.

The company is on a mission to utilise Africa’s fast plains and fertile soil to grow more food, eventually expanding to animals and vegetables as well. Currently raising investment, this enterprise is helping solve food inequality one hectre at a time.


5. Makiti Plus – Online Shopping Hub




In Guinea, Makiti Plus is helping more people access goods through their online marketplace, connecting local sellers with a bigger audience.

Their platform includes a wide range of products and services, helping drive forward a better local economy.


6. MyAfrikaTracker – Vehicle Monitoring Systems





MyAfrikaTracker uses GPS technology in Guinea to help businesses and individuals manage and secure their vehicles.

Their technology allows businesses to monitor their fleet more efficiently, covering everything from location tracking to fuel management.


7. GDumper – Machine Rentals


Bienvenu G-Dumper


GDumper is helping construction businesses manage their operations with their machine rental services.

The company offers a range of machines for rent, helping the construction industry access more easy and accessible equipment.