7 Startups In Zimbabwe To Keep An Eye On

Zimbabwe, a country in Southern Africa that is famous for its gorgeous landscapes, beautiful wildlife and world-renowned safaris is also home to a number of startups.

In fact, despite battling hyperinflation, political crises and other challenges, Zimbabweans have shown strong resilience when it comes to innovation.

Here, we look at 7 startups in Zimbabwe that are making waves and are worth keeping an eye on.


1. Mbue Yedu: Transforming Agriculture





Mbue Yedu is helping farmers boost their finances through their innovative FinTech solution.

The platform offers technologies that allow farmers to access Community Seed Banks (CSBs) through a centralised blockchain. This allows the company to boost food security by making it easier for farmers to buy and sell goods.


2. EcoCash: Mobile Payment Platform


EcoCash - Wikipedia


EcoCash is the leading mobile payment solution in Zimbabwe.

It allows people to transfer money, pay bills and purchase items directly from their mobile phones.

Used by people all over the country, EcoCash is increasing financial inclusion all across Zimbabwe.



3. NeedEnergy: Clean Energy Solutions


needenergy logo


NeedEnergy is on a mission to make sustainable energy  in Zimbabwe more accessible.

The startup not only provides clean energy, but also builds virtual networks to help national grids distribute energy more efficiently.

By making renewable energy more accessible, NeedEnergy is helping to reduce the country’s dependency on fossil fuels, lower energy costs, and contribute to a greener environment.

4. Ocular AI: Engineering Data Discovery



Ocular AI is a platform that allows businesses to search, manage and engage with their tech engineering tools and data all in one place.

The platform uses AI to manage workflows and help people manage their day to day tasks more efficiently.

Used by Microsoft, Google and Y Combinator, Ocular AI is helping businesses become more productive, one task at a time.

5. BillMari: Mobile Wallet


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BillMari is a mobile wallet that is on a mission to create fair trade for farmers, through better contracts.

Not only that, it allows people to store their funds safely, allowing them to send, receive and pay for goods and services from their mobile phones. Not only that, but farmers can access sponsors who can help finance and invest in their projects.

6. Ezytrack: Vehicle Tracking Software


EZYTRACK | Revolutionary Online GPS Vehicle Tracking


Ezytrack is vehicle tracking and fleet management platform, that can we used either for personal or business vehicles.

Using GPS technology, the startup provides real-time data around where vehicles are, helping businesses become more efficient and secure.

Through their easy to use reporting too, Ezytrack is the perfect partner for logistics and transportation companies.


7. My Premier Credit Card: Financial Services


PremierCredit Zimbabwe


My Premier Credit Card is helping people in Zimbabwe biold up their credit score.

Through offering a number of bank card, My Premier is helping people make more transparent financial decisions country-wide.