8 Apps To Help With Homework

From the dawn of time, students have found themselves wrestling with homework when they get home from school.

Now, a new wave of tech apps has emerged, dedicated to helping students tackle those pesky maths questions that they can’t get their heads around. Here, we look at 8 apps that are helping young people with their schoolwork.


1. Socratic by Google


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Powered by Google AI, Socratic is an app designed to help students with their homework in a variety of subjects.

By taking a photo of the question, students can get instant help in subjects like math, science, literature, and more, helping them learn and study with ease.




AIR MATH. Homework Helper – Apps on Google Play


AIR MATH is an AI powered math homework helper, on a mission to help students understand complex maths questions.

With a focus on providing explanations as well as solutions, AIR MATH uses advanced algorithms to scan images of homework and then help learners tackle difficult equations and problems.


3. Course Hero


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Course Hero is a huge online learning platform, filled with over 25 million study resources.

Through the platform, students can access study resources, tutors and prep to help them master a range of subjects.

Alongside this, students can explore study tips shared by students near them, meaning the content is more likely to align with regional teachings.


4. MathPapa


MathPapa - Algebra Calculator & Equation Solver:Amazon.com:Appstore for Android


MathPapa is an algebra calculator, designed to help solve algebra problems step-by-step.

By offering an easy-to-use algebra calculator for free, it helps students understand algebraic concepts in a more intuitive way. This tool is perfect for students looking to improve their math skills independently.



5. iHomework


iHomework 2 for iOS - Become a student superhero.


The iHomework App is a learning app designed to help students manage and complete their homework.

From tracking their various assignments and managing deadlines, iHomework is like your personal homework planner on your phone.


6. StudyMonkey.ai


Free AI Homework Helper - Step-by-step AI Tutoring - StudyMonkey.ai


StudyMonkey.ai is an AI-powered tutor and homework helper, designed to give students a personalised learning experience.

By using machine learning to adapt to each learner’s strengths and weaknesses, it offers support that is suited to each individual student, making learning easier.


7. ManyTutors Ask


Ask ManyTutors by ManyTutors.com


ManyTutors Ask connects students with a network of experienced tutors in Singapore  ready to answer questions across a variety of subjects.

This platform makes it easy for learners to get the help they need quickly, allowing them to work towards academic success.


8. Slader


Slader - Homework Answers


Slader is a free app that helps students find answers to their homework questions. This platform encourages collaboration by allowing any user to answer a question, but does come with a warning that answers should be checked.

Either way, it’s a great resource for students who are looking for explanations and approaches to their homework questions.

As education continues to evolve and homework continues to get harder, these eight apps are great tools for students needing a bit of extra help.

By using technology, personalised learning experiences, and community, they are redefining homework help worldwide.