8 Startups In Senegal To Keep An Eye On

Known for its beautiful nature, artistic people and being one of the largest producers of peanuts in the world, the country is also making waves in the startup sector.

In fact, Senegal’s startups are on a mission to innovate both locally and globally. These companies are not only boosting Senegal’s economy, but are also advancing the country technologically.

Join us as we explore 8 startups from Senegal that we think everyone should keep an eye on.


1. Jiwall – Crowdbuilding In Senegal


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Jiwall is revolutionising the way that businesses and people invest in property and land in Senegal through its ‘crowdbuilding’ idea.

The company operates on the previse that builders or land owners can ‘contribute’ their land or expertise to a co-construction project, trading skills or land for capital gains. Once a project is finished, all invested parties get a share of the profits, saving 40% of acquisition costs.

2. Tolbi – Boosting Agriculture With AI



Tolbi uses artificial intelligence to help farmers make better decisions about watering and managing their crops.

Their technology includes data analytics and satellite tools that provide accurate information on crops, to help increase crop yields. Tolbi’s solution is helping supercharge agricultural productivity and sustainability in Senegal.

3. JokkoText – Empowering Local Musicians



JokkoText offers a unique platform for African musicians and music lovers to buy and sell their work.

By allowing artists to sell their music directly to listeners via SMS, JokkoText is helping musicians earn more for their art.

Not only that, music lovers can get paid to share music they like, helping encourage sharing of African artists on a bigger scale.

4. Lebfay – FinTech Innovation




Lebfay is an innovative platform aiming to innovate the tech sector in Senegal.

The company offers a number of products, including wallet solutions, merchant payments, transfer and fraud detection systems.

Through this, Lebfay is helping businesses in Senegal digitise the financial side of their businesses.




5. Busbi – Enhancing Bus Transport




Busbi is a bus routing and scheduling platform, designed to help people find the best bus routes.

The app aims to help people save time by providing real-time updates, helping people navigate the city more easily.

6. ApiAfrique – Sustainable Hygiene Products





ApiAfrique creates a range of reusable sanitary products for both women and children.

From cloth diapers to re-usable menstrual pads, ApiAfrique’s products are not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective as they can be used over and over again.

The company not only helps people with sustainable purchases but also makes sanitary products more accessible to the masses.


7. Oubii – Making Tech More Inclusive


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Oubii specialises in making digital products usable for people with disabilities.

They have developed products that can be integrated into any site and instantly make them more accessible. Through testing with a community of disabled users, the company is able to be a full-suite consultancy for digital inclusivity.


8. Caytu – Crowdsourced Robotics


CAYTU Robotics


Caytu is a Robotics as a Service solution, allowing robots to be operated by people worldwide.

Whether it’s helping people execute tasks from a distance, or expand their remote workforce in spaces like restaurants or logistics companies, Caytu is making robotics more accessible and usable for everyone.