8 Startups To Help With Honeymoon Planning

Planning a honeymoon can be exciting, but it can also be incredibly stressful.

Unlike a regular holiday, a honeymoon is meant to be a perfect trip for newlywed couples as they start married life together.

Luckily, a number of innovative apps and startups have launched to help make honeymoon planning easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

Need some help? No problem, we have you covered…


1. Honeyfund


Honeyfund Creates Dream Honeymoons for Fictional Couples with the Help of AI


Before planning comes funding, and Honeyfund helps couple raise their honey moon fund as part of their wedding gift list.

The startup offers a unique twist on traditional wedding registries by allowing couples to crowdfund their dream honeymoon. Guests can contribute money towards specific experiences or activities, such as romantic dinners, spa treatments or specific excursions.


2. TripHobo


Online travel planners research. Part 2. Triphobo | by Pavel Nosikov |  Medium


TripHobo is an all-in-one trip planner that helps couples plan their ideal honeymoon.

With features such as interactive planners, suggested activities and accommodation options at all price points, TripHobo makes it easy to plan every aspect of the trip in one place.


3. Mr & Mrs Smith


Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) | Logopedia | Fandom


Mr & Mrs Smith is a boutique hotel booking platform that helps couples find luxury accommodations for their honeymoon.

With a carefully selected list of romantic hotels and resorts around the world, Mr & Mrs Smith helps couples find the perfect honeymoon accommodation.


4. Revolut


Download Revolut Logo in SVG Vector or PNG File Format - Logo.wine


Planning a route is important, but so is planning finances. Revolut is a great card to use abroad as it allows couples to spend without inflated exchange rates.

Not only that, it’s easy to open a joint account and manage everything from the app, so both spouses can keep an eye on the travel budget throughout the trip.



5. Hopper



Hopper's Playful Symbol Demonstrates The Brand's Services Through Inviting  Hues & The Idea Of Motion | DesignRush



Hopper is the perfect partner to help you find the most cost-effective flights. The platform allows users to look at their flight dates and tells them whether they should book now or wait for the price to come down.

With money being saved on the flights, that’s some extra cash for travelling – perfect!


6. LiveTrekker


LiveTrekker - The new and vivid life sharing experience


For those looking for a honeymoon off the beaten track, LiveTrekker helps you plan the best hiking routes.

The best part? When you’re on the trail you can share images and live updates, storing them forever in the app. This will ensure you retain your memories forever and can relive them for many years to come.


7. Traveler’s Joy


Traveler's Joy | LinkedIn


Similar to Honeyfund, Traveler’s Joy allows  couples to create a honeymoon registry where guests can contribute towards various parts of their trip.

From airfare and accommodations to tours and romantic dinner experiences, couples can create a registry tailored to their travel preferences.


8. Layla


Meet Layla: Free AI Trip Planner | Trusted By Millions


With the rise in AI, it’s no surprise that an AI travel planner was next on the list of innovations.

Meet Layla, the app that uses AI to build the perfect travel itinerary. Once curated, you can go through and change anything you want – knowing the legwork has been done for you.