Businesses Started By Couples

Starting a business is not just about having a good idea, it’s about having the right partner to execute it with. That’s why it’s no surprise that so many couples go into business together.

In fact, couples have historically made such good business partners that companies like Eventbrite and SlideShare all began with a love story.

Here, we look at a few inspiring businesses started by couples, showing how love and business can come together to create great things.


Speakabara: Diana Akchurina and Ildar Akchurin



Speakabara was founded by a married couple with two children: Diana Akchurina, responsible for strategy and marketing, and her husband Ildar Akchurin, responsible for the technical aspects of the project. 

Speakabara is a platform designed to help individuals improve their foreign language skills by connecting them with native speakers, referred to as “speakabaras.”

Users can engage in group communication, invite a speakabara to accompany them on outings with their children, or host them at home.

Through repeated meetings, users are likely to overcome their fear of speaking in a new language and experience progress. Native speakers are also offered an opportunity to earn money through the platform and generate a form of side-income.


Pet Portraits: Olivia Tapper and Thomas Philipps


Pet Portraits logo


Olivia and Thomas’s love story, which grabbed headlines in the Daily Mail, turned into a business venture named Pet Portraits.

Motivated by their desire to make their home feel cosy with a sophisticated portrait of their dog, Leo, they identified a niche market for custom pet portraits.

Despite initial challenges in finding the right artists and setting up logistical processes, their dedication to celebrating the bond between pets and their owners has made Pet Portraits a success.

Now, Pet Portraits is helping Olivia and Thomas to connect with people who love their pets as much as they do.


XY Retail: Susan Jeffers and Puneet Arora


XY Retail | Unified Commerce Platform for Omnichannel Retail Success


Susan Jeffers and Puneet Arora, a dynamic married duo, have embarked on a transformative journey with their creation, XY Retail, aiming to revolutionise the retail sector.

Their combined expertise—Susan’s in digital marketing and consumer startups, and Puneet’s in enterprise product architecture—has positioned XY Retail as a company helping modernise the retain industry.

Their venture began in their apartment basement, a humble start that fuelled their ambition and commitment. Susan, driven by personal frustrations with retail inefficiencies, and Puneet, leveraging his technological prowess, identified a gap in the market for a unified, seamless retail experience.

Together, they developed a platform addressing the critical need for integrated systems, overcoming the limitations of outdated legacy solutions.

XY Retail’s success is a testament to their combined strengths: Susan’s visionary leadership and Puneet’s technical ingenuity. Their story inspires entrepreneurial couples, showcasing the importance of love, respect, and aligned objectives.

As they continue to grow XY Retail, Susan and Puneet remain dedicated to their mission, their company, and each other, proving that when partners work together towards a common goal, the possibilities are endless.

Halland Homes: Luke and Danielle Blaney


Halland Homes


In Brighton, Luke and Danielle turned their vision of becoming property investors into a reality by founding Halland Homes.

The company specialises in multiple occupancy homes for students.

This business was born out of a shared desire to tackle the challenges of the COVID pandemic head-on, using the couple’s experience and contacts from the real estate world.

By pooling their savings, they went 50/50 into their first purchase, focusing on turnkey properties to reduce any extra maintenance costs.

Their careful strategy has paid off, allowing them to continue expanding and taking on more tenants.


YoungPlanet: Jason and Emma Ash


YoungPlanet - Give and receive children's stuff for free


YoungPlanet, founded in 2019 by Jason and Emma Ash, is a circular economy platform that enables families to exchange children’s toys and items for free.

Inspired by a meaningful encounter at a garage sale, the couple created an app to help families share children’s goods, aiming to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

The platform initially focused on London, but soon expanded across the UK. And with over 150,000 users, it has successfully diverted over £1,000,000 worth of items from landfills.

With a vision for international expansion, YoungPlanet, led by Jason and Emma, is committed to transforming parenting by making it more sustainable and less expensive.


Emmy’s Organics: Samantha Abrams and Ian Gaffney


About Us – Emmy's Organics


Samantha Abrams and Ian Gaffney, the co-founders of Emmy’s Organics, started their business as a couple.

Their journey began with a passion for sustainable living and a challenge to create an organic cookie that tastes good, but isn’t bad for you.

The result? A delicious range of gluten-free, vegan, USDA Certified Organic cookies made with 7-10 simple ingredients, proving that health and indulgence can coexist. Their approach to work and love is intertwined, as they work together both in their personal and professional lives. Emmy’s Organics and its success shows the couple’s commitment to working together and build a company that’s good for people and the planet. Through careful ingredient selection and 15 years of recipe development, they’ve created not just cookies, but a movement towards mindful consumption.

Each of these businesses shows a unique mix of business vision and partnership. Whether it’s tackling the real estate market, breaking down language barriers, celebrating the love for pets, or innovating in the retail industry, these couples have demonstrated that together, they can face challenges and build successful businesses.