Bee Tech Startups That Are Saving The Bees

Technology isn’t just about smartphones and computers – it’s also about bees. From hive monitoring systems equipped with sensors to mobile apps providing real-time data and insights, bee tech plays a crucial role in modern beekeeping.

These technologies aim to protect bees from various challenges, such as habitat loss, disease, and pesticides, ensuring a healthy environment.


What Is Bee Tech?


Bee Tech is a term used for innovative tools and solutions that help beekeepers in protecting bee populations and improving their beekeeping practices. These technologies aim to address the various challenges faced by bees, such as habitat loss, disease, and exposure to pesticides.

Examples of bee tech include hive monitoring systems equipped with sensors to track hive health and activity levels, mobile apps that provide real-time data and insights to beekeepers, and advanced treatments for pests and diseases affecting bee colonies.

Bee tech also encompasses initiatives like genetic research to breed stronger and more resilient bee populations, as well as educational resources and awareness campaigns to promote bee conservation efforts. Overall, bee tech plays a crucial role in modern beekeeping by providing practical solutions to protect and support these essential pollinators.


Why Save The Bees?


Bees are critical for our environment and our survival, contributing to biodiversity and providing valuable products like honey and pollen. They play a crucial role in pollinating plants, including many food crops, which directly impacts our food security. While various animals and insects contribute to pollination, bees are among the most common and effective pollinators.

However, bees and other pollinators face increasing threats from human activities such as habitat loss, intensive farming practices and the excessive use of pesticides. Air pollution is also believed to affect bees’ ability to forage efficiently, further endangering their populations.

Despite these challenges, there are positive developments, such as the European Union’s partial ban on certain insecticides harmful to bees. Additionally, upcoming initiatives like the UN Biodiversity Conference aim to reduce pesticide use and promote biodiversity conservation.

World Bee Day, celebrated on 20th May, raises awareness of the essential role bees play in maintaining healthy ecosystems. Individuals can contribute to bee preservation by planting nectar-bearing flowers, supporting local beekeepers and advocating for pollinator protection. By taking these actions, we can help safeguard bees and ensure the health of our environment.


Startups Saving The Bees




AgriSound is a technology company committed to safeguarding global biodiversity by revolutionising insect activity monitoring. Using sensors to automate pollinator monitoring, AgriSound generates crucial data for informed decision-making, aiming to protect the world’s food supply through precision pollination.

Their ambitious mission aims to install 1 million devices worldwide, creating the largest pollinator dataset to date. By integrating pollination services into everyday life, AgriSound envisions supporting global biodiversity and becoming the leading pollinator monitoring technology brand.

Project One Million, a collaborative initiative, brings together organisations to address the urgent need for pollinator protection using AgriSound’s unique monitoring technology.




Beewise Technologies, headquartered in California, utilises cutting-edge technology to revolutionise beekeeping. Integrating computer vision, AI, robotics, and climate and pest control systems, they offer beekeepers a comprehensive solution for hive management. The BeeHome project aimed to optimise and validate this technology for commercial availability. Beewise also raised $120 million in venture funding, including Insight Partners from New York.

BeeHome, more than just a hive, is a full apiary housing accommodating up to 10 colonies of bees. Each hive is equipped with AI-driven sensors that detect infestations and monitor hive activity. The system autonomously provides food, water, and pest treatment, adjusting temperature and humidity as needed.

Furthermore, Beeewise developed a farmer app, providing data on pollination in fields or orchards, filling a gap in bee-related information for farmers. This comprehensive approach empowers beekeepers with timely insights for proactive hive management.





BeeHero, founded by a diverse team of seasoned beekeepers, entrepreneurs, biologists, and data scientists, aims to create a win-win situation for farmers, beekeepers, and the environment. With 70% of global crops relying on bees, their innovative platform and affordable sensors address the pressing issue of declining bee populations and colony collapse disorder.

Based in California with research and development in Israel, BeeHero’s cutting-edge technology streamlines setup and operation for beekeepers, while also boosting crop yield and quality. Their mission is to increase pollinator health while supporting food production for a rapidly growing global population.

Combining expertise from commercial beekeeping, agriculture, engineering, and scientific research, BeeHero’s dedicated team works worldwide to optimise every pollination cycle for the benefit of all stakeholders.




Nectar offers a comprehensive solution tailored for migratory beekeeping operations. Their Manager’s Portal provides access to daily activities and data interpretation for informed decision-making, ensuring more efficient beekeeping practices.

The BeeTrack mobile app enables workers to access hive and yard history, record observations, and actions quickly during hive inspections. Durable NFC and QR code tags, known as BeeTrack Tags, allow tracking of individual hives over their lifetime.

Nectar’s approach simplifies hive management with easy-to-follow steps: install tags, scan hives into yards, work the hives, and submit hive or yard reports. The system also includes features like integrated maps, offline mode for app usage, and data analytics for performance evaluation. With Nectar, beekeepers can streamline their operations and enhance productivity while effectively managing their bee colonies.




Vatorex, established in 2016 by Pascal and Willi Brunner, is dedicated to fostering a healthier and more sustainable world through the support of honey bees. With over 50 years of combined beekeeping experience, the founders blend their expertise with an innovative approach to beekeeping.

Understanding the impact of their actions on the environment and community, Vatorex aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to create global value. Their commitment extends to various fields where they can make a significant impact.

Vatorex’s journey began with Willi Brunner’s innovative idea of heat treatment for beehives in 2012. Since then, the company has expanded its product offerings and achieved market entry in multiple countries. With ongoing support from investors and collaborators, Vatorex continues to lead in beekeeping technology and environmental stewardship.





PerfectBee serves as a comprehensive platform for hobbyist beekeepers, offering resources to enrich beekeeping knowledge, facilitate interaction with fellow beekeepers, and provide cost-effective beekeeping supplies and equipment.

Their Academy provides a wealth of information for beekeepers at all experience levels, covering various aspects of beekeeping. In addition, their online shop offers a range of essential beekeeping products, including protective clothing, bee feed supplements, smokers, and Varroa mite treatments like Formic Pro. PerfectBee Colony membership provides exclusive benefits focused on learning, collaboration, and savings within a supportive beekeeping community.