Best Countries To Kickstart A Startup

In today’s interconnected world, geographical boundaries are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Socialising with people worldwide, travelling across continents, and ordering goods from any corner of the globe to your doorstep are all the norm. So, why should business be confined by borders?

Not only is conducting business abroad possible, but launching a venture overseas can also unlock numerous benefits.

Why Should You Take A Startup Abroad?

Kickstarting a startup can be an exciting endeavour, but it can also be a daunting one. Consequently, many individuals opt for the safer route of launching their venture within their home country.

Of course, staying local can offer numerous advantages. This may allow you to have an intimate understanding of the domestic market, consumer behaviours, and emerging trends. Language barriers are minimised, and navigating tax and legal regulations may feel more manageable.

So, pursuing a startup in one’s homeland can, undoubtedly, be a more straightforward and safer path. But opening a startup abroad could be a real game-changer, positioning it for sustained growth, resilience, and relevance in an increasingly interconnected world.

Expanding internationally can open avenues to diverse markets and unveil new consumer preferences and nuances. While your domestic market might be saturated, foreign markets offer untapped potential and the chance to engage with new customer bases.

Moreover, you can tap into the global talent pool and access resources that may not be readily available in your home country.

Taking a startup abroad can also give it a competitive edge by enlarging its customer base, seizing market opportunities, and extending the reach of its products or services. This can help you to build a global brand presence, solidifying your position as a key player in the global arena.

International expansion also serves as a strategic move for risk diversification. Relying solely on a single market can leave your startup vulnerable to market crashes or economic downturns. By diversifying globally while maintaining a foothold at home, you can mitigate risks and safeguard your business against unforeseen challenges.

Better yet, several countries offer great environments and incentives for startup ventures, making them attractive destinations for entrepreneurial endeavours.

What is The Best Country To Start a Startup?

Whether or not you’re eager to do business abroad, many countries are equally, if not more, enthusiastic about hosting you.

There are lots of countries that are good to start, relocate or expand a startup to. While certain countries are good for certain industries, some countries are good because of the startup incentives they offer, are others offer a good quality of life, there are varying reasons that make countries good startup options.

Numerous countries present favourable environments for starting, relocating, or expanding a startup. While some nations excel in particular industries, others are advantageous due to the incentives they offer for startups, and others stand out for their exceptional quality of life.

Ultimately, various factors contribute to making countries attractive options for startup ventures. Let’s take a closer look.


Nestled in the heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore serves as an ideal hub for reaching both domestic and international markets among numerous other professional benefits.

Singapore boasts compelling incentives, particularly catering to tech-savvy entrepreneurs. Its TechPass initiative, beckons tech entrepreneurs, leaders, and technical experts worldwide to Singapore, fostering an environment conducive to disruptive innovations.

However, the benefits extend beyond the tech realm.

Recognised for its business-friendly environment, Singapore offers top-notch infrastructure, efficient public transport systems, and English as the primary language, facilitating seamless business operations and communication.

Moreover, the city-state boasts a rich talent pool, attracting professionals from across Asia drawn by its promising career prospects, and it maintains a competitive corporate tax rate of 17%, as highlighted by Start Motion Media.


Canada emerges as a pioneering destination for startups, having long championed entrepreneurial endeavours. The country also offers compelling incentives to attract innovative minds from across the globe.

Notably, Canada’s popular startup visa program allows permanent residence with no minimum qualification or net worth requirement, making it an excellent choice for entrepreneurs looking to start a business. Moreover, additional government funding is available to help foster the growth of smaller businesses and startups.

With one of the world’s largest economies and impressive GDP growth rates, Canada is an obvious choice to start a business. Its strategic proximity to the United States, a global business powerhouse, opens doors to a vast talent pool and abundant trade prospects.

Furthermore, Canada boasts robust resources, advanced technology, and a diverse talent pool, with English as the de facto language also facilitating seamless communication and collaboration. Beyond its professional allure, Canada stands out as a great place to live personally, renowned for its welcoming atmosphere and breathtaking landscapes.

The Netherlands

Again, The Netherlands’ strategic position can help to give any startup a competitive edge. Situated a stone’s throw away from Germany, France, Belgium, the UK and Luxembourg, The Netherlands facilitates trade not only within Europe but also with global economic powerhouses like the US.

Entrepreneurs are drawn to The Netherlands by its supportive government policies. The ‘ondernemersaftrek’, or entrepreneur allowance, enables investors to enjoy reduced income tax rates, incentivising investment and fortifying startup ventures.

Additionally, The Netherlands extends tax incentives to foreign nationals working within the country, with employers bearing only 30% of their salary without tax deductions.

Moreover, the Dutch government has implemented schemes such as the R&D and WBSO initiatives to nurture the growth of startups establishing themselves in The Netherlands, further enhancing its appeal as a startup destination, according to Bolder.

United Kingdom

Renowned for its thriving tech scene and renowned as an innovation hub, the UK stands out as an exceptional destination for startups.

According to Start Smarter, the UK holds the second position overall as a startup hub in Europe. This may be as a result of its robust visa programs tailored to support startups, including the global talent visa and innovator visa, as well as its abundant talent pool stemming from some of the world’s top universities and innovation hubs.

Benefitting from exceptional global connectivity, particularly within Europe and beyond, the UK offers startups access to a wide array of opportunities. Moreover, startups can capitalise on the UK government’s investments in R&D and innovation, further enhancing their growth prospects and competitiveness.


Australia emerges as a prime destination for business owners seeking relocation, owing to its welcoming environment, robust infrastructure, globally integrated economy, and diverse array of government and tax incentives.

Historically, Australia has been an appealing destination for startups due to its conducive business environment. Entrepreneurs benefit from access to a skilled workforce and the opportunity to tap into burgeoning global markets such as New Zealand and Asia-Pacific nations.

Additionally, Australia offers lower corporate taxes and capital gains taxes compared to many other countries worldwide, further enhancing its attractiveness as a startup destination.