Binj Platform Set To Change The Way We Decide What We Watch

An innovative community-driven platform that utilises a novel, personality-based AI and crowd-searched recommendation engine to seamlessly curate and discover the most relevant streaming content is launching this summer.

Streaming services have never been more popular during lockdowns with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney+ and YouTubeTV all posting record viewers. Offering their own content, from originals and exclusives through to the broadcast rights to classic shows, the choice for the viewer has never been better. However, with around 300 streaming services available, for many the content can be simply overwhelming.

Netflix’s mantra of So many titles, so much to experience’ means that consumers have around 15,000 films and TV series across all genres available at one time, globally. One Los Angeles based start-up, Binj, has created an intuitive platform which is set to revolutionise and simplify not only how we decide what to watch, but discuss all things on our screens with other like-minded people on one, tailored, platform.

“Binj is utilising a personalised and crowd-searched recommendation engine to help users seamlessly find the most relevant streaming content,” said founder and CEO, Reza Hashemi, a former student at the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

“Our mission is to allow people to make their streaming decisions based on emotions, not algorithms, to solve information overload and ultimately save users time searching for what to watch,” he adds.

Hashemi also claims that Binj will be the world’s first social network dedicated to TV and streaming video content where users will be able to follow their friends and family to see what they are watching as well as voting for their favourite shows and movies on streaming services.

“Binj is embracing a world where most people are interacting online. Therefore, we have built an enhanced platform, to create a social community for movie buffs across the globe to discuss, vote and recommend what is on both our big and small screens.”

Hashemi is targeting a market currently without an autonomous marketplace and is setting his sights on Binj taking that share. According to statistics, in 2020 there were more than 300,000 Reddit conversations per month about movies and television shows. Furthermore, Twitter has over 10 million tweets per day about the same subject matter. Should Binj take only some of that market share then it is set to be a huge success.