Blink has launched a podcast about frontline leaders during the pandemic

Blink, the smart employee app of choice, has recently launched its frontline worker podcast titled Frontline of the Future, featuring some of the most prolific leaders in these essential sectors. The podcast tells their stories: how these extraordinary times have affected them and shaped their businesses – and what the future might hold for the key workers who proved indispensable during lockdown.

The podcast, also available on Spotify, is presented by Blink’s Peter Durkin (see cover image), who talks to a different leader in each episode. It gives a chance to hear the voices that are rarely represented in the media, who have steered the frontline through the most challenging period in recent history.

Frontline of the Future

In a lively set of interviews, guests reflect with humour and authenticity how their frontline has responded to the crisis, and how it continues to evolve at a time of huge unpredictability.

Series 1 focuses on the transport industry, one of the sectors hardest-hit by Covid-19. Conversations cover a rich range of topics, from sustainability and the shift away from cars to the role of technology and automation, the union and frontline talent supply and the unexpected silver linings which have emerged during the crisis.

Series 1, Episode 1

Guests include David Brown, CEO of Go-Ahead Group; Professor David Begg, CEO at Transport Times; Martin Harris, MD of Brighton & Hove Bus Company and Metrobus; Paul Sainthouse, President of CILT; Paul Dyer, MD at Cardiff City Transport; Rob Slaski, CEO of Dee Set; and Jaspal Singh, CEO of ComfortDelGro.

Peter Durkin says:

“Podcasts aren’t new…but focusing on the contributions of key workers on the frontline is. Frontline workers should not be defined by the role they perform for their company, but by the contributions they make to society. Lockdown exposed their Herculean efforts in a way nothing else could; Frontline of the Future illustrates these efforts, considers the pandemic’s silver linings and asks what’s next for the 80% of the global working population who don’t sit behind a desk.”

Listeners can contact Peter via email to offer feedback and ideas for the podcast, or to become a guest on the show.

About Blink

Frontline workers make up a large part of the UK workforce, but too often they suffer from low employee satisfaction, high staff turnover & frustrating operational processes. Blink is the employee app of choice for industry leaders from the transport, healthcare and retail sectors, created to engage and connect frontline employees who feel out of the loop.