Cigarette Price Increase Drives Demand For Quitting Tools

More people in England are considering quitting smoking due to the rising cost of cigarettes. A recent article of BBC mentions that one in four adults are now motivated to quit by the potential financial savings. Although health concerns are still a primary driver for quitting, the economic benefits of giving up smoking are becoming increasingly influential.

In addition to efforts to encourage smoking cessation, startups are emerging to offer innovative solutions that highlight the consideration of health and financial implications in the fight against tobacco consumption and addiction. With discussions about stricter smoking laws ongoing, initiatives aimed at helping individuals breathe easier are gaining traction, emphasising the importance of holistic approaches to public health.


How Does Smoking Affect Your Health?


People smoke for various reasons, often finding it enjoyable and deeply ingrained in their routines. The brain’s cravings for nicotine, which trigger feelings of relaxation and focus, contribute to the challenge of quitting. Additionally, smoking serves as a social activity for many, akin to a morning coffee or a way to alleviate stress in social settings. The taste and sensation of smoking also hold appeal for some individuals, further reinforcing the habit.

Smoking exerts a profound impact on overall health, affecting everything from the skin’s appearance to the function of internal organs and even DNA. The moment a cigarette is lit, thousands of harmful chemicals are released, initiating a cascade of damage throughout the body. From staining teeth and damaging tooth enamel to impairing lung function and increasing the risk of respiratory infections, the detrimental effects of smoking are far-reaching and immediate.

Despite the damaging effects of smoking, quitting offers significant health benefits and the potential for the body to heal. Upon quitting, inflammation and mucus production in the lungs begin to subside, and cilia, the hair-like structures responsible for sweeping harmful particles out of the lungs, regenerate. While some damage may be irreversible, such as certain lung conditions, many body systems can gradually heal over time with smoking cessation, reducing the risk of cancer and other health complications associated with smoking.


Why Should You Take Addiction Seriously?


Addiction, also known as substance use disorder (SUD), is a complex medical condition that develops over time with chronic use of substances.

Legal substances like alcohol, prescription medications such as opioid painkillers, and illegal substances like cocaine can all lead to addiction. These substances trigger intense brain activation, releasing chemicals like dopamine and endorphins that create feelings of pleasure, relaxation, or alertness.

As individuals continue to use substances, their brain chemistry adapts to these artificially high levels of activation, leading to tolerance and dependence.


What Are The Dangers Of Addiction?


The dangers of addiction extend beyond just physical health risks.

Substance use disorders can have severe implications for mental health, including depression, anxiety, aggression, and hallucinations. Addiction can impair cognitive function and decision-making, particularly affecting the prefrontal cortex of the brain responsible for impulse control. It also increases the risk of accidental injuries, such as slips and falls or motor vehicle accidents, as well as the transmission of infectious diseases like HIV and hepatitis.

Substance misuse can also disrupt various aspects of life, including relationships, employment, and housing stability, highlighting the multifaceted impact of addiction on individuals and society as a whole.


Apps Helping People Beat Dependancy And Addiction


Whether someone wants to reduce their substance use, stay motivated during withdrawal, or receive encouragement from others in a similar situation, these apps can be helpful tools on the path of recovery. With user-friendly interfaces and accessible resources, users are empowered to take control of their health and make positive changes toward a substance-free life.


Smoke Free



The Smoke Free App is dedicated to providing comprehensive support for individuals aiming to quit smoking. Their philosophy revolves around combining proven techniques with the latest scientific insights and personalized user understanding to facilitate successful behavior change.

The app offers a range of tools tailored to each user’s needs, empowering them to track progress, set goals, access resources, and connect with a supportive community. With a team of experienced advisors and collaboration with scientific experts, the app strives to help users overcome tobacco dependence and embrace a smoke-free lifestyle.



Nicorette Stop Smoke & Vape




The Nicorette Stop Smoke & Vape app offers personalised support to individuals aiming to quit smoking or vaping. It provides tools to create a tailored quit plan, track progress, and receive motivational support throughout the journey.

Users can set goals, monitor their habits, access tips and resources, and track their savings from quitting. The app also integrates with Nicorette QuickMist SmartTrack for real-time nicotine usage monitoring.


SURE Recovery




The SURE Recovery app is designed for individuals struggling with alcohol or drug use, in recovery, or considering recovery. It offers personalised support with features like a Recovery Tracker, Sleep Tracker, Diary, and Artwork sharing.

The app also provides resources on emergency support and free access to relevant books. Developed in collaboration with people in recovery and researchers at King’s College London, it aims to improve understanding and support for addiction recovery.






Nomo, the sobriety tracking app, offers a simple yet powerful tool for individuals in recovery. Created by someone in recovery themselves, the app allows users to track their progress with private sobriety clocks and access additional features like an encouragement wall, accountability partner searching, and milestone awards.

Nomo is free to use and continually updated based on user feedback, making it a valuable resource for anyone on their journey to recovery.




Turn, created by Impact Suite, is a science-based recovery tool aiding individuals in overcoming chemical dependency. It offers professional teletherapy, lifestyle change techniques, pattern-tracking tools, and a supportive community.

The app’s comprehensive approach combines prevention with crisis management, transforming lives globally. The leadership team at Impact Suite ensures Turn reflects the latest research, offering effective well-being tools worldwide.





Nobu is a leading digital therapeutic support tool for recovery, designed exclusively for patients. The free wellness app offers resources to learn about mental health, set goals, and track progress.

With features like coping skills, mindfulness, journaling, and clinical assessments, Nobu provides personalised support on the journey to better mental health. Developed by Advanced Recovery Systems, it offers evidence-based strategies for lasting wellness.