Menopause Startups Helping Women Take Control Of Their Health

Menopause can have profound effects on women, with research showing that many women consider leaving their jobs due to menopause symptoms. A survey revealed that a significant percentage had considered resigning, highlighting the professional impact of menopause.

It comes as a relief to women battling menopause that there are companies, specifically startups, who take to heart the struggle and make it their mission to offer tailored treatments and support to alleviate symptoms and improve women’s quality of life. These startup companies provide access to resources, education, and communities, empowering women to navigate this life transition with confidence.


Startups Supporting Women During Menopause






The Women of Joylux are dedicated to enhancing women’s health through innovative solutions. They offer a range of high-tech devices, digital tools, and products designed to address intimate health concerns. Joylux aims to empower women by providing access to education, health data, and a supportive community.

Their mission is clear: to help women find delight in every stage of life, from motherhood to menopause. They understand the importance of addressing common female issues such as childbirth and menopause, offering education, information, and effective solutions.

Led by founder Colette Courtion, the team is committed to developing scientifically-backed, noninvasive, and affordable solutions for all aspects of women’s intimate health. Joylux believes sexual health is crucial to overall well-being and aims to break the taboo surrounding it.
With FDA-designated products like vFit, Joylux strives to empower women to live confidently and improve their intimate health.





Thermaband, founded by Debbie Dickinson and her late daughter Markea, offers a revolutionary solution for menopause-related hot flushes. Debbie’s personal experience led to the creation of the Zone device, a smart bracelet that provides heating and cooling sensations, along with digital health data. Their mission is to empower women to take control of their thermal comfort during menopause.

Thermaband believes in reframing menopause and providing natural, effective solutions designed by women, for women. With features in publications like Forbes and Cosmopolitan, Thermaband has gained recognition for its innovative approach. Through their Facebook community and partnerships with experts like Nathalie Bonafé, Thermaband offers support and education to women navigating menopause.


Caria App



Caria offers a supportive platform for women navigating menopause. With 85% of women experiencing symptoms, Caria provides expert guidance, community support, and health tracking tools to ease the journey. Users can access self-guided programmes targeting their symptoms, connect with a community of women and experts, and log their symptoms for personalised insights. Developed with input from leading experts in women’s health, Caria aims to redefine the menopause experience with compassion and understanding.


Elektra Health


elektra health

Elektra is pioneering menopause support for the modern woman. Their platform offers telemedicine care, evidence-based education, personalised support, and a private community. With 50 million women navigating menopause in the UK, Elektra aims to break the stigma surrounding this universal experience. Users receive tailored treatment plans through telemedicine consultations with board-certified clinicians. Access to expert-led educational resources, personalised support from Elektra Guides, and a supportive community foster empowerment and understanding.

Elektra also collaborates with organisations to support women in the workplace during this transition. Backed by a team of experienced professionals and advisors, Elektra is dedicated to providing women with the knowledge, care, and community they deserve during menopause and beyond.


Bia Care


bia care

Bia Care, founded by Fernanda Dobal and Dr David Huang in 2020, offers a virtual clinic revolutionising menopause care. Their platform combines technology with personalised treatments, empowering women to control their symptoms. Through remote care, women gain access to clinically-validated treatment options and a confidential space to share experiences. Inspired by visits to a South London menopause cafe, Dobal and Huang saw the need for accessible menopause care beyond traditional doctor visits.

Bia Care’s evidence-based approach includes treatments like Hormone Replacement Therapy, nutrition advice, physiotherapy, and emotional fitness. Backed by a research partnership with Imperial College London, their platform ensures innovations are scientifically grounded. Incubated by Zinc VC and Kamet Ventures, Bia Care addresses the gap in menopause care with scalable solutions for thousands of women.





Femilog is a pioneering app designed to support women through their menopause journeys. Launched on International Women’s Day 2021, it’s the world’s first AI Menopause Health Tracker App. Femilog empowers women to take control of their bodies and achieve a higher quality of life, peace of mind, and reduced stress levels.

Awarded three times for Best global menopause app, Femilog prioritises user privacy by not selling sensitive data to third parties. With a subscription model no more costly than a cup of coffee, users can access a wealth of resources and try the app free for 14 days. The app, available in 27 languages, provides valuable insights, expert interviews, and a supportive community, helping to break the taboo surrounding menopause.