TechRound Tries: Cloud Gin, Expertly Crafted CBD Gin


Gin has become a classic tipple of choice for Brits, holding a permanent place in drinks cabinets across the nation.

But whilst gin is hailed for its quintessential Britishness, its quirk for reinvention is something that’s shared a far longer history with the drink – once a medicinal liquor made by monks, a relaxant for pre-battle soldiers, and even once branded as a healthy alternative to drinking water.

Thankfully, its more questionable revisions are now behind us. What has remained is gin’s innovative flare – a torch carried by the likes of such new and exciting startups as Cloud Gin


What Is Cloud Gin? 




Cloud Gin is an up-and-coming drinks company looking to disrupt the UK’s spirits scene. It was founded in 2019 by two brothers: Henry, an inventor and Sam, a scientist. 

Inspiration for the startup came (naturally) after a few G&Ts and an evening exploring the elements of unwinding. It was during this evening that Henry and Sam began drawing comparisons between the calming effects of alcohol to those of CBD, and how they could optimize relaxation with a cocktail of the two.

Realising this idea sounded just as good sober as it did a few gins down, the brothers then set out to create a master crafted product – using their scientific backgrounds to expertly infuse high-quality gin with the purest CBD.  

After more than 15 months of research, testing, and (most importantly) gin tasting, the founders’ vision began to take its marvellously cloudy form – their ultimate tool in unwinding was now a reality!  

Cloud Gin is an expertly crafted CBD gin. Their 700ml bottles sell for £39.99 each, with free delivery included. 

Since its launch in November last year the gin has received glowing reviews for its flavour, design, and relaxing effects – with 4.5 stars on Trustpilot.


What We Thought…


Having received such a great response since launching, we felt it only right to order a bottle and review it ourselves.

The gin arrived only a few days after ordering, it’s packaging almost as beautiful as the bottle itself – both with a stylish art deco theme. The bottle has a low curved profile and is sealed with an eye-catching, sky blue wax, matching the logo.

The gin, as its name suggests, is cloudy (purely a result of the CBD infusion) and gives the product a distinct look whilst complimenting the design that covers the bottle.

Moving on to the taste, the gin has a fantastic citrus flavour; dominated, but not overpowered, by lemon. This gives the gin a unique tasting experience, which is enjoyably refreshing and light. 

Available on their website, Cloud Gin provides an in-depth tasting profile, with that same refreshing citrus flavour described in the Nose & Front Palette notes, followed by “Deep and intense fruit flavours with a botanical undercurrent” in the Rear Palette, and “Rich fruit aromas mingled with the traditional botanical flavours of gin” to finish. 

The gin pairs wonderfully with Fevertree tonic, as was recommended by the founders, as flavoured tonics may overpower the more subtle notes. Cloud Gin also tastes great on its own, a fantastic gin to sip neat. For those who enjoy a more floral tonic, the gin also pairs well with Fevertree Mediterranean. 

After a glass or two, our reviewers definitely experienced a calming effect. Whether this was down to the CBD, the gin, or a combination of the two is uncertain. All we know is that it did make for an enjoyably relaxing experience! 

On its own, CBD has been reported to help users relax, studies showing certain doses to reduce anxiety. Whilst this research shows promising results, it’s been claimed that more is required to pinpoint the true extent of its effectiveness, and the doses required for these desired effects. 

As Cloud Gin includes alcohol, this CBD product should only ever be used to unwind responsibly, and not as a treatment for anxiety itself. 


Another Road to Reinvention




From what started as a simple evening with family has grown into a promising new business; the founders having crafted their very own tool for unwinding, and along the way, driving gin down yet another road to reinvention.

Although still in its infancy, TechRound considers Cloud Gin as one to watch for 2021, excited to see what the year brings for this innovative new product.