Creatyve, a new startup changing the way we experience art

A new startup is changing the way art is experienced, and now everyone can be the patron of their time

For centuries, works by the most prominent artists have been an exclusive privilege of the few, lucky people that were able to afford them. Of course, Caravaggio, Canova or Damien Hirst were not that expensive at the beginning of their careers. But still, for most-people, hanging one of their pieces in one’s living room would still have been unthinkable. This is why art investments are a privilege. Even the finest connoisseur would find it impossible to take part in the success of an artist if he had no money to invest.

However, times have changed: everyone can be an art patron of their time now. London-based art-fintech startup creatyve launched this week, and has big plans for the future as it provides a new way to invest in art that is open to everyone.

Creatyve works like a crowdfunding platform: artists can describe their projects and start raising money. However, by doing so they’re selling shares in their art – i.e. little pieces of ownership in their artworks. Anyone can be a funder, from beginners interested in art to investment professionals. If one decided to fund an artwork, and that artwork subsequently increased in value or got sold at a higher price, he’d be taking part in that artist’s success and getting a good return from his funding effort. Everyone would be happy, both artists and funders.

Let me tell you the creatyve story: Glenn and Giuseppe, co-founders of creatyve, are high school friends. Giuseppe is an aerospace engineer and Glenn’s background is in investment banking, although he is a creative at heart.

Specifically, finance is the type of sector where most of the actors admittedly tell you that if they had the money, they would rather be artists, or alternatively consume and enjoy more art in their lives; but one has to make a living. Therefore, sadly the creative part of our spirit remains in the shadows.

Glenn and Giuseppe had an idea that could help the boldest of our time. They are connecting those that choose art over the comforts of the white-collar world with the funds provided by those that enjoy investing in art so as not to lose contact with their creative side.

Both of them quit their jobs and built the current team of 5, with Cristina and Ilaria helping out with marketing, and Sara with graphic design. Creatyve have so far raised £10’000 from friends and family and are currently looking for a seed investment. They already have four artists up raising money, plus more in the pipeline. Any UK artist and European funder can sign up now and funders will get a free share with their promocode CREATYVE2019.

The traditional, exclusive way of living art is changing completely and losing ground to a newer and more democratic experience. Which is precisely what creatyve is doing: democratising art and making its experience more affordable and straightforward for everyone.