Ethiopia’s Emerging Entrepreneurs: 8 Startups To Watch

Ethiopia’s startup scene is booming, solidifying it as one of Africa’s most exciting economies.

As the nation’s startup scene continues to grow, new companies are emerging all the time, making a big impact both locally and globally.

Here, we look at 8 Ethiopian startups that are redefining their sectors, let’s take a look


1. BeBlocky – Gamified Coding for Kids


BeBlocky Logo


BeBlocky is a child-friendly app designed to teach young children the basics of coding through gamification.

By using a simple, colourful block-based programming language, BeBlocky makes learning code approachable and fun for kids.


2. GeoNet Systems – Fleet Management



Specialising in vehicle tracking and fuel monitoring GeoNet Systems provides real-time data that can be tracked through mobile phones.

The company is on a mission to help businesses reduce theft and waste, as well as cut down on maintenance and fuel costs costs. Alongside tracking, the company also offers vehicle maintenance to help companies manage their fleet.


3. ArifPay – Mobile Financial Gateway


Arifpay Financial Technologies


ArifPay is a digital payment platform that allows businesses to use a single platform for all payment solutions.

Arifpay sets itself apart by offering secure, fast, and convenient payment options for businesses, allowing them to create a more financially inclusive economy country-wide.


4. HelloErf – Empowering Ethiopian Farmers


Hello Erf - Apps on Google Play


HelloErf is empowering farmers by connecting them with the best mechanisation providers. This allows them to book the equipment they need at fair prices, allowing them to optimise their farming.

As farmers in Ethiopia have traditionally struggled with growth due to lack of access to machinery, Hellp Erf allows them to book, harvest and sell their yield more efficiently.


5. Gebeya – Freelance Talent Marketplace


Gebeya | Opening Africa to a World of Opportunity


Gebeya is on a mission to help more companies access the top tech talent in Africa.

The platform connects  freelancers with businesses looking for specific hires, creating a community of skilled workers ready to be hired by top companies globally.


6. BFarmTech – Agricultural Ecosystem Connections




BFarmTech connects farmers with the right tools to boost their agricultural productivity and sustainability.

Through their easy to use app, farmers are able to rent machines, rent out their own machines and make secure payments.

As farmers typically struggle to afford the most up to date machines, BFarmTech is very important for a country whose economy is reliant on agriculture, helping increase yields and profitability for farmers.


7. Lersha – Digital Services For Farmers


Lersha App


Lersha offers a digital platform for farmers, allowing them to manage all their operations in one place.

The platform allows them to access seasonal tips, location based weather forecases and machine rental services all in one place.

With a platform that has everything in one place, Lersha is helping more farmers supercharge their businesses.


8. Chapa – Secure Online Payments


Chapa: Revolutionizing Digital Payment in Ethiopia from 2022


Chapa is a financial services company, that offers secure, reliable, and easy-to-use online payment options for businesses.

It supports businesses and entrepreneurs in navigating the digital economy, giving them access to smooth and secure payment options both locally and internationally.