Fixmyline – Startup Profile

  • 20 Years of experience in the telecoms and broadband industry
  • Reliable 4G in rural areas 
  • Consultation and support of a wide variety of services


About Fixmyline

Fixmyline has been running as a sideline business for many years. Since 2018, the company has become a full-time, fully fledged telecoms solutions provider. They have found a gap in the telecoms service industry that they can use to provide 4G services to people in a tailored and dedicated way. 

Fixmyline has continued to grow and is now looking to bring in a trainee engineer. This is the commitment that the company has to improving their service and creating a steady and reliable network. 

Not only do they have a lot of experience in telecoms and broadband, but they also want to deliver a first-class service. When a customer talks to a 4G broadband engineer, they won’t be bombarded with jargon, but will get the results they want. 


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4G Broadband

If you have a slow broadband connection or live in a rural area with no Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), then you will no doubt feel the frustration of not being able to check emails or work from home reliably. 

Thankfully, there is a solution with Fixmyline, because they offer 4G broadband speeds that meet your needs via their high-gain antennas. These are able to provide a steady and reliable broadband experience even if you have a weak mobile phone signal. 

With 4G broadband, customers can still connect all of their devices to the WiFi signal just like traditional broadband. This negates the need for customers to wait for the local landlines to be upgraded and installed. 


Fast Speeds

With 4G broadband, some people might not know that they can still get super fast speeds that allow them to do what they need. Speeds of 20-90MBS are possible through 4G broadband, which is a lot faster than many rural landline connections. 


How Does 4G Broadband Work?

Fixmyline will install a 4G antenna to your home. This is typically on the side of your home facing the strongest 4G signal. The nearest 4G cell tower will then send the 4G signal and it will be picked up by the high gain antenna. 

The antenna then sends the signal to a router in your home, which then sends the WiFi signal to your devices. The speed depends on the mobile signal sent by the mobile provider. However, it is a reliable way to get fast 4G broadband. 


Free Survey

When you contact Fixmyline, you can get a free quote as well as a free survey to ensure the antenna and other equipment are placed in the most optimal location. 

This gives the customer peace of mind that they are getting the best possible service and the strongest 4G broadband. Customers will then be given all the information with which to make an informed choice about the installation and the 4G broadband speeds. 


Other Services Fixmyline Provide

Other services that Fixmyline can provide include:


  • Relocation of a ‘BT’ main socket if it is in an inconvenient location or needs to be moved for house renovation. Engineers can safely relocate the socket so that it doesn’t interrupt the phone line. 
  • If a customer needs an additional phone socket, engineers can safely add an additional socket where it’s needed. 
  • Home WiFi solutions can be carried out if there are weak or no signal points in the home. Fixmyline engineers can discuss options and solutions that will help boost the WiFi signal. 
  • Outdoor WiFi solutions can be a good idea if you have an outside building that is separate from the house and too far away for the WiFi signal. Point-to-Point WiFi allows the signal to be transmitted from the house to the garden building so that there is a strong signal reaching the location. Fixmyline can install point-to-point solutions that can cover up to 5km if needed. 
  • Soon to come is a 5G broadband solution that will be ideal for those not able to access fast landline broadband. Using high-gain antennas, the principle is the same as with 4G broadband.


For those living in rural areas, or those without upgraded telephone lines, 4G broadband can be the ideal solution. Not only will it not involve digging up the road or garden, but it will also offer faster WiFi speeds so that the customer can work, or play whenever they need. 

Fixmyline is also able to offer a number of other telecom and broadband solutions to meet the needs of their customers. 


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