Going Backpacking? Here Are The Startups You Need To Know

As the summer rolls on, Brits all over the country are digging out their backpacks and planning an adventure.

Backpacking generally refers to a way of low-cost travel that often includes cheap (or free!) transport and accommodation and carrying all necessary possessions in a backpack.

In fact, according to DocHQ, 93% of Brits say they have been on a backpacking trip, making it a popular way to see the world.


What Are The Most Popular Backpacking Destinations For Brits?


Interestingly, according to travel company Rough Guides, the top 10 backpacking destinations include:

1. New Zealand

2. India

3. Cambodia

4. Laos

5. Spain

6. Bolivia

7. Sri Lanka

8. Peru

9. Vietnam

10. Thailand


The appeal of many of these countries come from their affordable cost of goods and accommodation, making them a perfect backpacking destination.

Furthermore, many of these destinations have good transport networks, incredible nature and plenty of activities and excursions, meaning they can provide action packed itineraries.



How Has Tech Changed Backpacking?


Technology has had a massive impact on backpacking, some of these include:


Social Media

Social media has meant that hidden gems have become, well, unhidden.

The popularity of beautiful spots in backpacking destinations has increased tenfold, simply due to them being widely shared on social media.

Whilst this is good for local economies, it can often mean areas that were once authentic and untouched by tourism have become hotbeds of activity.



Part of backpacking is about navigating new terrain, working out international travel routes and engaging with the local population.

Whilst navigating new countries once required communication, now, apps can do all the hard work for us.

Because of this, moving around has become much easier and the reliance on natives has decreased.


Translation Apps

Brits are particularly bad when it comes to learning other languages, but translation apps have provided a helping hand.

The development of apps that can help us communicate in any language have allowed backpackers to more easily navigate remote destinations.



Once upon a time, going to a remote part of the world meant disconnecting from reality.

Now, with e-sims, backpackers can remain connected with family and friends, even if they are on a remote side of the world.

Whilst this is positive, it can also make it harder to disconnect and stay present on the trip.


Startups For Backpackers


If you are planning an upcoming trip, consider these apps and startups to help you on your way…




Hostelworld Cashback Discounts, Offers & Deals


It wouldn’t be a true backpacking trip without staying in a hostel, and Hostelworld provides a directory of thousands of low-cost hostels all over the world.

Through the app, backpackers can book beds or entire rooms, ensuring they are staying at an accommodation that not only provides a place to rest their head, but also a place to meet like-minded travellers.




Split bills the easy way :: Splitwise


Backpackers usually travel in groups, and it can be hard to keep track of who has spent what, and who owes who money.

Luckily, Splitwise provides group accounts, where friends can input what they’ve spent and who owes them money for it. Then, the app generates a payback list, helping people manage their finances on long trips.


Gaia GPS


Gaia GPS — In Solidarity Project


Backpacking in remote areas can mean phone signal can be patchy. Having an offline map app is a smart way to ensure you can navigate yourself, even when off the beaten track.

Gaia GPS providing hiking, biking and skiing trail maps, as well as an offline one – so you can keep track of where you are at all times.


Day One

Apple's Journaling App and Day One


Travelling can be a whirlwind, and it’s important to have a way to remind yourself of where you’ve been and what you’ve done.

Day One is a journaling app, allowing users to note the location, weather, date and time they were in a place and what they did there.

By journaling through the trip, you can help yourself remember the best parts for years to come.


ATM Fee Saver


atm fee saver logo


Many economies around the world still deal in cash, which means being stuck without an ATM can be a problem.

ATM Fee Saver allows users to find free ATMs, Forex places and information on any visa or financial laws abroad.

The app is great for anyone who doesn’t want to get caught out with expensive exchange fees, meaning they can get cash when they need it, wherever they are.