I Should Coco – Start Up Feature


A new London-based start up is looking to change the way people enter competitions online. I Should Coco is allowing people to enter competitions by playing simple games such as Spot The Ball and paying just £2.50 or £5 per entry to win once in a lifetime holidays such as luxury cruises, adventures along the Danube, the Amazon Rainforest, Niagara falls and more.

Why was the business set up?

Online competitions is big business. But it has been accustomed to entering your details, never winning but instead receiving a tonne of promotion emails and text messages. So what is the point?
I Should Coco was set up to provide a more transparent solution to competitions online – you pay to play, there will always be a winner and you will not be bombarded with third party marketing simple.
About the prizes
The prizes are designed to be one in a million and ‘holidays of a lifetime’ including cruises in every corner of the world, around the world plane tickets, adventures in South America and luxury trips to the Maldives.

What are the company’s plans for growth?

The company plans to use the rest of 2018 to test the product against a target audience, using SEO to generate organic interest and social media to encourage participation. Over time, the company will include different trips of a lifetime, day trips, experiences, products and more.
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