International Tea Day: Startups Brewing Success

International Tea Day is celebrated on 21 May to highlight tea’s cultural, economic, and social significance. Tea is the most consumed beverage globally after water, with a rich history spanning thousands of years.

Tea cultivation supports millions of smallholder farmers, especially in developing countries, providing essential income and employment. This day raises awareness about tea’s role in rural development, poverty reduction, and food security.

International Tea Day emphasises the need to increase tea demand in producing countries and address declining consumption in traditional importing nations. The celebration also highlights tea’s contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals, including poverty alleviation, hunger reduction, women’s empowerment, and environmental sustainability.


The Origins Of International Tea Day


International Tea Day, designated on 21 May, commemorates the cultural, economic, and social significance of tea globally. It was established by the General Assembly to promote sustainable tea production and consumption while raising awareness about tea’s role in fighting hunger and poverty.

To celebrate International Tea Day, individuals and communities can engage in various activities. Hosting tea tasting events, where different types of tea are sampled and discussed, can educate people about the diversity of teas and their cultural significance.

Supporting local tea producers by purchasing their products or visiting tea estates can contribute to sustainable tea production. Additionally, spreading awareness about the health benefits of tea and its importance in rural development and poverty reduction aligns with the goals of International Tea Day.

By celebrating International Tea Day, we honour tea’s heritage, promote sustainability, and support communities involved in tea production worldwide.


Tea Startups


On International Tea Day, we honour the global tea community by spotlighting innovative startups in the industry. These companies are revolutionising tea with fresh perspectives and sustainable practices, from traditional brewing methods to tech-driven platforms.






TeaBlobs offers a modern twist to tea brewing, replacing traditional tea bags with convenient, sustainable tea tablets. Featured on “Die Höhle der Löwen,” TeaBlobs simplifies tea preparation in seven delicious varieties.

Made from finely ground, natural tea leaves, TeaBlobs dissolve quickly in hot water, eliminating the need for steeping. With up to 70% less waste compared to tea bags, TeaBlobs are eco-friendly and certified organic.


Ono Teas


Ono Teas


Ono Teas is a health and wellness tea brand offering handcrafted, premium teas designed in collaboration with health experts, dieticians, and wellness coaches. Their extensive range includes teas tailored for various health concerns like weight management, heart wellness, and mental wellness.

With a focus on sourcing high-quality ingredients directly from tea estates and small farmers, Ono Teas ensures freshness and health benefits in every brew. Their vegan-friendly teas cater to diverse tastes and preferences, promising a pleasurable shopping experience with attention to detail and user-friendly interfaces.

Ahista Tea


Ahista Tea


Ahista Tea is a premium tea and tableware brand known for its fusion of tradition and innovation. With a focus on slow living, they offer minimalist, sustainable teas and ceramics that elevate everyday moments. Their ingredient-driven approach ensures quality, health benefits, and environmental sustainability.

Through economic empowerment initiatives, Ahista empowers women artisans and tea pickers, fostering community-oriented and globally impactful practices. Their premium tableware reflects mastery and mindfulness, making each piece a conscious choice for homes worldwide.


La Bombilla

La Bombilla

La Bombilla offers a range of maté products and accessories, catering to over 35,000 customers in France. Their maté, sourced from sustainable cultivation in southern Brazil, boasts a balanced taste reminiscent of green tea and coffee.

From traditional blends to unique flavors like ginger-lemon, their selection caters to diverse preferences. Additionally, La Bombilla emphasises responsible production, with all products certified organic and sourced through fair trade initiatives. Their accessories, including gourds and bombillas, complement the maté experience.

La Bombilla’s commitment to quality and sustainability has garnered media attention and high customer satisfaction, making it a leading brand in the maté market.


Mia Kombucha

Mia Kombucha is a brand born in 2021 from the passion of four friends and their journey. Battista, Gabriele, Mattia, and Simone, inspired by Mattia’s time in Australia, embarked on the mission to bring kombucha to Italy.

Handcrafted in Induno Olona, Varese, Mia Kombucha uses only natural ingredients, reflecting their ethos of simplicity and authenticity. With flavours like original, raspberry, lemon, ginger, and hops, Mia Kombucha offers a genuine taste experience.